On March 2nd, get to a TV!

"No matter where you are in the world, on March 2nd, get to a TV and watch Pepsi's 2 minute Madonna commercial, featuring her latest release "Like a Prayer", for the very first time."

I had to call up my local TV channel in February 1989 after reading in the papers about Pepsi's "teaser" ad for the main Madonna commercial due March 2nd of that year!

The teaser ad was shown a few times - but it was impossible to know when, and I needed to get it taped! So I was lucky enough to talk to someone on the phone at UTV in Belfast who was able to tell me the exact screening times of the teaser ad. And so here it is, from my original tape 21 years ago!

Words cannot explain how exciting this all was for Madonna fans in 1989!!!

(ITV UK, February 1989)

1992: "Sex" book release in Japan

The Japanese release of Madonna's "Sex" book happened at the end of 1992 after concerns that the book might even be banned because of strict Japanese laws.

Here's a report from USA's "Entertainment Tonight" about the controversy surrounding the Japanese release including an interview with the publisher of the book in Japan.

(ET USA, December 1992)

1992: The year of "Sex"!

Back in the day, MTV were great for music news and every year in December I looked forward to their "Year In Rock" roundup of the best music news of the previous 12 months.

Here's my recording from 1992 of their great Madonna segment covering the best of what she was up to. Including footage of the Steve Blame Erotica interview from Milan, her 2nd "Rock The Vote" commercial and footage of many events Madonna attended in that year.

(MTV Europe, December 1992)

1993: Madonna Interviewed on CNN

"Body of Evidence" debuted in the US in January 1993 and in advance of the movie's release Madonna gave a series of TV interviews.

One of my favourites is this one from CNN, where journalist Mark Shearer grills Madonna for "Showbiz Today" (shown in 2 parts on January 14th and 15th 1993).

Part 1:

Part 2:

(CNN USA, January 1993)

1993: Molly Interviews Madonna in Paris

Australian TV legend Molly Meldrum travelled to Paris in September 1993 to interview Madonna whilst she was in the city on her Girlie Show Tour.

This is the original Australian TV broadcast of his interview (shown October 11th 1993) which covers topics such as Madonna's "Sex" book, touring and her feelings about her imminent first ever visit to Australia. The interview also includes footage from one of Madonna's Girlie Show concerts in Paris!

(Channel 9 Australia, October 1993)

1993: Melbourne Greets Madonna!

26th November 1993 and Madonna plays her first of 3 gigs at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia!

Here's a news report from that very day, taped from Australia's Channel 9 National News about preparations for the concert, including exclusive footage of Madonna out and about in Melbourne and of her arrival the night before at Melbourne Airport.

(Channel 9 Australia, November 1993)

1993: Melbourne Awaits Madonna!

Madonna came to the city of Melbourne in Australia for 3 concerts in November 1993 as part of her "Girlie Show" tour.

Here's a great report from Australia's Channel 9 News about preparations for the first Melbourne concert including a profile of Melbourne superfan Rennie de Petro.

(Channel 9 Australia, November 1993)

2006: Happy Birthday @ Wembley Concert!

August 16th 2006 and Madonna plays the last of her eight concerts at London's Wembley Arena as part of her Confessions Tour.

This was the very first time Madonna had scheduled a concert on her actual birthday and the audience at the gig showed their appreciation by singing "Happy Birthday" in a break between songs.

madonna-tv brings you an exclusive report on this, including my own personally filmed footage of Madonna's speech to the crowd as well as many birthday messages from fans outside the venue.

(madonna-tv.com, August 2006)

1989: MTV 'Artist of the Decade' Acceptance

As the decade which brought Madonna to the world drew to a close, MTV in the US awarded her an "Artist Of The Decade: Mega Artist" award as part of their "Rate The 80s" TV special.

Madonna accepted the award in her dressing room whilst filming the video for "Oh Father" and here's the full segment that was shown (including a great fast-paced review of her career to date) - recorded from an MTV-Europe broadcast in March 1990

(MTV USA, December 1989)

1989: Talking about writing Like a Prayer LP

Molly Meldrum bagged the only full sit-down TV interview that Madonna gave in 1989 -  for Australian TV!

In this clip, Madonna talks about the songwriting process on her "Like a Prayer" album, describing how she worked with Pat Leonard, Stephen Bray and Prince on songs for this epic release!

(Channel 9 Australia, June 1989)

1991: Truth or Dare US Premieres (MTV)

My favourite Madonna interviewer, MTV's Kurt Loder, talked to Madonna at the NY and LA premieres of "Truth or Dare".

This report from MTV's "Week In Rock", has some of his interview along with comments from stars who attended the US premieres including Herb Ritts, Debbie Harry, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Valerie Bertinelli, K.D. Lang, Lara Flynn Boyle, Sandra Bernhard and the movie's director Alek Keshishian.

(MTV USA, May 1991)

2009: Madonna Live at the O2 Arena, London

Madonna extended her 2008 Sticky & Sweet Tour into 2009 and began the 2nd year of the tour in London at the O2 Arena with 2 shows on July 4th and July 5th.

The 2009 tour included 3 performances which had not been part of the original 2008 show ("Holiday", "Dress You Up" and "Frozen") and excluisve footage of these numbers filmed by myself, forms the basis for this "video diary"!

Concert clips from July 5th 2009 show are mixed with personal footage filmed over the entire weekend from Friday 3rd July through Sunday 5th July.

(madonna-tv.com, July 2009)

1991: Truth or Dare Publicity Interview

'Entertainment Tonight' in America on May 7th 1991 were the first to show exceprts from the official Miramax Madonna interview, released to promote her movie "Truth or Dare".

This report also covers the Los Angeles premiere of the movie which took place the night before.

(ET USA, May 1991)

1991: Truth or Dare LA Premiere on CNN

The Los Angeles premiere for "Truth or Dare" took place on Monday May 6th 1991 and Madonna upset fans and reporters by appearing only very briefly and not speaking to any press.

This is a great report on the event by CNN 'Showbiz Today' which I recorded at the time. Stars who attended the premiere including Sandra Bernhard and Terri Garr are interviewed.

(CNN USA, May 1991)

1991: "I'm a sucker for a good review!"

The New York premiere for Madonna's movie "Truth or Dare" took place on Wednesday May 8th 1991 and here's a report I taped about it the next day from US show "Entertainment Tonight".

Flanked by her Blond Ambition Tour backing singers Niki Haris & Donna DeLory, Madonna talks to ET at the premiere - and after the screening her "Speed-The-Plow" co-star Ron Silver along with Lauren Hutton and Susan Sarandon give their thoughts on the movie.

(ET USA, May 1991)

2004: "Into The Groove" Live at Slane Castle!

She said in 1988 in a message to the Irish Music Awards that she "hoped to visit Ireland" on her next tour, but it wasn't until 16 years later in 2004 that Madonna made it to the 'Emerald Isle'!
Her Re-Invention tour stopped for its largest and only open-air concert at the grounds of Slane Castle in Ireland on August 29th 2004. To date her only ever visit to Ireland!
Here for the first time, is Madonna's full performance of "Into The Groove" at Slane Castle, filmed by myself and featuring the star wrapped up in a black bomber jacket throughout the song to keep her warm!

(madonna-tv.com, August 2004)

1987: Sean Penn Given Jail Term

This was one of the very first Madonna news reports I taped myself. It was June 1987 and UK breakfast channel TV-am were reporting that Madonna's husband Sean Penn had been given a jail term after being convicted of assaulting a photographer.

Madonna was in Japan at the time of the news, on the opening leg of her first ever world tour and it was a big treat to see some footage of "Lucky Star" from one of the Japanese 'Who's That Girl' concerts in the report. This was the first time I had ever seen a clip from what remains my favourite Madonna tour!

(TV-am UK, June 1987)

2006: Confessions Tour 1st European Show

An exclusive madonna-tv.com report on the 1st European concert of Madonna's Confessions Tour at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff on July 30th 2006.

Filmed from the 'Gold Circle' area in front of the stage giving a unique 'fan view' of Madonna's first stadium concert since 1993!

(madonna-tv.com, July 2006)

2005: Kelly Clarkson on meeting Madonna

Kelly Clarkson talks about meeting Madonna at the 2005 Grammy Awards in LA.

(E! News, February 2005)