On March 2nd, get to a TV!

"No matter where you are in the world, on March 2nd, get to a TV and watch Pepsi's 2 minute Madonna commercial, featuring her latest release "Like a Prayer", for the very first time."

I had to call up my local TV channel in February 1989 after reading in the papers about Pepsi's "teaser" ad for the main Madonna commercial due March 2nd of that year!

The teaser ad was shown a few times - but it was impossible to know when, and I needed to get it taped! So I was lucky enough to talk to someone on the phone at UTV in Belfast who was able to tell me the exact screening times of the teaser ad. And so here it is, from my original tape 21 years ago!

Words cannot explain how exciting this all was for Madonna fans in 1989!!!

(ITV UK, February 1989)