1994: Steve Blame Bedtime Stories Interview

MTV Europe's Steve Blame interviewed Madonna a couple of times in the early 1990s.

Here's his chat with Madonna from October 1994, filmed in Paris discussing mostly the "Bedtime Stories" album and the "Sex" book.

Part 1:

Part 2:

(MTV Europe, October 1994)

1994: In The Studio Remixing "Secret"

MTV went into the studio with Junior Vasquez in 1994 to talk to him about his massively successful remixes for Madonna's hit single "Secret".

This great report shows how Junior went to work on remixing this Madonna song, producing a variety of different sounding versions for Madonna.

(MTV, November 1994)

1993: Kurt Loder Interviews Madonna

Another great MTV interview between Kurt Loder & Madonna is this one from January 1993!

"Body of Evidence" was about to hit cinema screens in America and Madonna was only a few days away from appearing on "Saturday Night Live" when she sat down with Kurt for this interview.

Topics discussed include Courtney Love (remember this was 2 years before the infamous MTV enounter between Madonna, Courtney & Kurt), the binding of the "Sex" book (!), and Sinead O'Connor's controversial SNL appearance.

(MTV, January 1993)

1998: "20 Questions" With Madonna on MTV!

My favourite interviewer of Madonna over the years has always been Kurt Loder from MTV USA. One of his last onscreen encounters with Madonna was in September 1998.

During the live "Opening Act" pre-show for the 1998 Video Music Awards, a pre-recorded "20 Questions" interview was shown where Kurt fired 20 questions at Madonna on topics as wide ranging as "What was the last CD you bought?" to "What's your favourite side of Mariah Carey's face?"!

Madonna's answers are as entertaining as you would expect and here is the interview, as broadcast in 2 parts on September 10th 1998 - from my MTV UK recording!

Part 1:

Part 2:

(MTV USA, September 1998)

1989: "Like a Prayer" Official Remix Video

June 1989 and Warner Bros. issue the first official remix video for a Madonna single.

"Like a Prayer" had already reached number 1 in charts all around the world when this "Dance Remix" video was produced by Warners and issued for promotional use only in clubs. Interestingly, the video uses an otherwise unavailable audio mix, which combines the album version of the track with the Shep Pettibone Dance remix.

Here is the full video from an original Warner Bros. Mastering Studio 1-track tape from 1989!

(Warner USA, June 1989)

1999: Grammy Awards UK News Reports

UK News channels reported widely on Madonna's success at the 1999 Grammy Awards and here's a selection of reports I recorded at the time from Five News, GMTV and Sky News, all of which include footage from Madonna's backstage press conference at the awards.

(Various UK, February 1999)

1999: Accepting "Best Pop Album" Grammy

Madonna won big at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards on February 24th 1999! Her album "Ray of Light" took home 4 awards and she was at the ceremony that night along with album co-producer William Orbit.

Here's their acceptance speech (joined by album engineer David Reitzas) for "Best Pop Album", as broadcast in the UK on BBC TV at the time.

(BBC UK, February 1999)

1999: "Nothing Really Matters" Live

February 24th 1999 and Madonna makes her first ever appearance at the Grammy Awards!

She opened the 41st Annual Grammy Awards with a live performance of "Nothing Really Matters" - to date the only time Madonna has performed this song live!

She was joined on stage by longtime backing singers / dancers Donna DeLory and Niki Haris in a stunning performance directed by brother Christopher Ciccone.

(BBC UK, February 1999)

1993: Madonna's Frosty Canadian Interview

Back in January 1993, Canada's "Fashion Television" weekly magazine show, scooped an interview with Madonna.

Journalist Jeannie Becker went to New York to interview the star and the enounter was slightly frosty, as Becker herself explains at the start of this piece, which was broadcast in the UK on Sky News at the time!

(Sky News UK, January 1993)

Jeannie Becker recalls meeting Madonna

Another video from YouTube user Gutten1977!

Canadian TV host Jeannie Becker interviewed Madonna in January 1993 for "Fashion Television" and here 16 years later she talks about that frosty encounter...

(CTV Canada, December 2009)

1996: INSIDE Madonna's UK Press Junket!

This is a really fascinating UK TV report from the BBC's "Watchdog" show - a rare insight into one of Madonna's movie interview "press junket" events!

Reporter Jonathan Maitland is granted an interview with Madonna in December 1996 - one of eleven interviews Madonna gave that day to reporters from around the world, when she was in London to promote "Evita"!

Madonna is shown getting ready for her interview and chatting before things start properly. She is then asked some cheeky questions by Mr. Maitland!

(BBC UK, January 1997)

2010: Jesus' favourite Madonna Song?

YouTube user Gutten1977 shares this report from Canadian eTalk Daily News!

Madonna's boyfriend Jesus Luz is interviewed exclusively in Montreal in March 2010 and reveals his favourite Madonna song...!

(CTV Canada, March 2010)

1984: On the set of "Like a Virgin"

Taken from a very rare Warner Music Japan promo video, here's Madonna on the set of her "Like a Virgin" video in Venice, 1984!

Footage of Madonna making the video in Italy follows a personal message from the star herself!

(Warner Music Japan, July 1984)

1988: AIDS Public Service Announcement

In 1988 Madonna appeared in one of a series of US TV ads by famous musicians aimed at raising public awareness about AIDS and safe sex.

Fnding this video in great quality was difficult over the years but a while back I was lucky enough to obtain a very rare original promo video of all the "Musicians For Life" 1988 commercials. So here from that tape is the Madonna ad. complete with production details screen which shows that Madonna's spot was entitled "Love Won't Protect You"!

(Musicians For Life USA, 1988)

1997: Golden Globes Party Interview

January 1997 and Madonna wins a major acting award for the first time in her career, picking up "Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy" at the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood, for her role in Evita.

A radiant Madonna accompanied by boyfriend Carlos Leon, talked exclusively to Entertainment Tonight at the post-show party - and here's this great interview from the UK version of ET!

(ET UK, January 1997)

1989: UK News at Ten on the Pepsi Ad.

UK TV's flagship nightly news show in the 80s "News At Ten" reported on Madonna's Like a Prayer Pepsi ad just a couple of hours after its debut on UK TV. The late Carol Barnes introduces the report.

(ITV UK, March 1989)

1989: Full length Pepsi "Like a Prayer" Ad.

21 years ago today, Madonna premiered her first single in 2 years not via radio, not via a new video on MTV, but through a TV commercial for a soft drink!

Yes, broadcasts of a Pepsi ad all around the world on March 2nd 1989 were the first time people would hear "Like a Prayer".

This is my original recording of the commercial from UK TV, where the ad aired close to 8:15pm during a break on ITV's police drama "The Bill"!

(ITV UK, March 1989)