1990: Win Madonna's Tour Costume!

Summer of 1990 and Madonna totally takes over MTV-Europe. It was awesome and this was back in the day when MTV was MUSIC TELEVSION!

Amongst all the Madonna on MTV-Europe back then was a compeition which ran through June & July, organised by MTV and Madonna's tour sponsors Pioneer.

The top prize was unbelievably brilliant - an ORIGINAL costume from the Blond Ambition Tour, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier. This came with tickets and travel to the final concert of the tour at Nice in France on August 5th!

Here's the original full competition ad which ran on MTV constantly at the time, followed by the live announcement of the winner, during MTV's "Madonna Weekend" on Saturday July 28th 1990.

(MTV-Europe, July 1990)

2002: Madonna's former Mother-In-Law

The morning after the official opening night of "Up For Grabs" in May 2002, Madonna's stepmother-in-law at the time Shireen Ritchie appeared live on UK's GMTV to chat about the London play.

She's interviewed by Kate Garroway (who also attended the play's opening), and gives her opinion on Madonna's performance in the play amongst other things.

(GMTV, May 2002)

2002: 'Up For Grabs' Opening Night

A full 14 years after appearing on Broadway in "Speed-The-Plow", Madonna returned to stage play acting in the London production of David Williamson's "Up For Grabs".

This dark comedy was staged at the Wyndhams Theatre in the heart of London's West End theatre district and ran from May through to July 2002.

Here's a great report from UK Breakfast TV channel GMTV about the official opening night of the play, which happened on Thursday May 23rd 2002!

(GMTV, May 2002)

1990: What do you think of the BA "look"?

20 years ago Madonna unveiled one of the most iconic images of her entire career, when her Blond Ambition Tour opened in Japan.

MTV took to the streets of New York to get public opinion on this latest Madonna image - and also took a nice look back at previous gorgeous images of Madonna!

(MTV, April 1990)

1990: Blond Ambition interviews about Vogue

April 1990 and MTV interviewed Madonna, her tour choreographer Vincent Patterson and dancers Jose, Luis & Slam during the opening weekend of the Blond Ambition Tour in Tokyo, Japan.

In this report, all of the above (and some random New Yorkers) talk about Madonna's brand new single at the time, "Vogue" and the dance trend which was set to follow.

(MTV, April 1990)

1990: Blond Ambition Rehearsals on MTV

Back in 1990, MTV were granted exclusive access to some of the final LA rehearsals for Madonna's Blond Ambition tour.

A 2-hour "Madonna: Sneak Preview" special aired on MTV in the USA and Europe in March 1990, where host Julie Brown introduced Madonna videos and archive performances, standing in front of the stage where Madonna was rehearsing for her tour!

Here are all the links Julie Brown did for that show, extracted from my original 20 year old MTV-Europe recording of the 2-hour spec!

Behind Julie, Madonna can be heard (and sometimes seen) performing Express Yourself, Causing a Commotion, Where's The Party, Papa Don't Preach, Sooner or Later, Into The Groove, Material Girl & Cherish!

(MTV, March 1990)

1990: Blond Ambition World Premiere

20 years ago today - Friday 13th April 1990 - Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour had its worldwide debut at the Chiba Marine venue in Tokyo, Japan!

MTV's Kurt Loder went to Japan to report on this opening night and after the show he did a full length interview with Madonna at her hotel.

Here's the original report from MTV News, featuring clips of Kurt's interview with Madonna and footage from the concert of "Express Yourself", "Open Your Heart" and "Causing a Commotion"!

(MTV, April 1990)

2001: Drowned World Tour London Buzz!

BBC nightly showbiz news programme "Liquid News" declared the week beginning July 2nd 2001 as "Madonna Week".

This was the week Madonna returned to the UK stage for her first concert tour since 1993 with the "Drowned World Tour", which had its London opening on Wednesday July 4th.

This report takes a look back to Madonna's first concert tour of the UK in 1987 and Madonna's arrival in London then - and anticipates the 2001 concerts about to start.

Mega fan and personal friend of madonna-tv, Steve O'Toole is interviewed in the report and shows Liquid News some of his Madonna record collection!

(BBC UK, July 2001)

1987: Madonna at Wembley Stadium London

1980s TV in the UK was limited - most people had just four (!) TV channels for most of the decade - and despite her massive popularity, catching Madonna on the box was no easy task back then.

One exception to this was the brilliant, Janet Street Porter produced "Network 7" weekly show which ran on Channel 4 in 1987 and 1988. This 2-hour live magazine programme aired over lunchtime every Sunday & was truly groundbreaking, paving the way for all kinds of youth TV in the years to come.

Here from my original tape is their fantastic report broadcast on Sunday August 23rd 1987 about the 'bootlegging' of one of Madonna's Wembley Stadium "Who's That Girl" concerts.

A professional bootlegger is shown preparing to make an audio recording of the Madonna show and is even filmed by Network 7 inside the stadium. The process of producing a full bootleg "product" of the Madonna concert is then detailed, while at the end of the report, footage of a bootleg video of the concert is included.

I've included the original "Network 7" opening titles in full, for anyone like me who has fond memories of this great show!

(Channel 4 UK, August 1987)

1987: Madonna in Leeds UK Concert Report

The very morning after Madonna's first ever full UK concert and Sunday lunchtime youth magazine show "Network 7" broadcast this amazing indepth feature about the gig on Britain's Channel 4!

Their showbiz presenter Magenta Divine took pop star Paul King up to Leeds the day before (August 15th 1987), to witness the European premiere of Madonna's "Who's That Girl" tour at the city's enormous Roundhay Park.

Network 7's cameras filmed early portions of the concert for the report and Magenta interviewed the Daily Record's music critic as well as photographer Dave Hogan, who was famously "run over" by Madonna's limousine just one year earlier at Heathrow Airport when the star arrived in London to film Shanghai Surprise.

(Channel 4 UK, August 1987)

1987: 'News at Ten' on Madonna's UK Arrival

Madonna touched down at London's Heathrow Airport early evening on Thursday August 13th 1987 and the UK media went into overdrive.

Her arrival for the UK leg of the "Who's That Girl" tour made both the BBC Nine O'Clock News and ITV's "News at Ten" that evening.

Here's the full "News at Ten" report featuring footage of Madonna being greeted by hundreds of fans at the airport before travelling to her central London hotel.

(ITV UK, August 1987)

1987: Britain Awaits Madonna!

Madonna's first ever concert tour of the UK in August 1987 saw a week when Madonna Mania hit fever pitch.

She arrived in the country on Thursday August 13th and left the following Friday August 21st. In between times she played 4 concerts to over a quarter of a million people, celebrated her 29th birthday, visited a hospital for sick children and did a lot of jogging!

This is a report I taped from UK Network TV's early evening news on ITV Thursday August 14th about Madonna's impending arrival! Fans waiting at Heathrow Airport are interviewed along with music journalist Paul Gambaccini.

(ITV UK, August 1987)