1987: Madonna at Wembley Stadium London

1980s TV in the UK was limited - most people had just four (!) TV channels for most of the decade - and despite her massive popularity, catching Madonna on the box was no easy task back then.

One exception to this was the brilliant, Janet Street Porter produced "Network 7" weekly show which ran on Channel 4 in 1987 and 1988. This 2-hour live magazine programme aired over lunchtime every Sunday & was truly groundbreaking, paving the way for all kinds of youth TV in the years to come.

Here from my original tape is their fantastic report broadcast on Sunday August 23rd 1987 about the 'bootlegging' of one of Madonna's Wembley Stadium "Who's That Girl" concerts.

A professional bootlegger is shown preparing to make an audio recording of the Madonna show and is even filmed by Network 7 inside the stadium. The process of producing a full bootleg "product" of the Madonna concert is then detailed, while at the end of the report, footage of a bootleg video of the concert is included.

I've included the original "Network 7" opening titles in full, for anyone like me who has fond memories of this great show!

(Channel 4 UK, August 1987)