1988: 1st Official Madonna Megamix Video

Long before Dan-O-Rama and AvidDiva, the first official Madonna megamix video was produced.

The Warner Bros. tape I have for this 11-minute megamix is dated January 28th 1988, but it's reasonable to assume the clip was atually created in late 1987 - quite possibly to tie in with the release of Madonna's dance remix album "You Can Dance".

The video is a surprisingly good (for the 80s!) montage of beautiful video clips edited to an excellent audio megamix comprised mostly of 12" remixes of Madonna's songs including La Isla Bonita, Who's That Girl, Open Your Heart, Into The Groove, Papa Don't Preach, Where's The Party and Dress You Up.

Taken straight from my original WB promo tape, here it is...

(Warner Bros, January 1988)