1993: London Girlie Show Soundcheck!

I arrived in London mid-afternoon Friday September 24th 1993 on my own. It was the first time I was gonna see Madonna in concert (next day - the opening night of The Girlie Show) and words cannot describe how excited and nervous I felt. The sun was shining - everything was perfect!

I had seen on TV before I left home that Madonna was staying at the Lanesborough Hotel somewhere near Hyde Park, so after I checked into my hotel I took a tube to Hyde Park Corner station and hoped I could find the Lanesborough easily from there. I walked up the steps from the underground station and looked across the road, immediately recognising the huge white building that I had seen on the news earlier that day - Madonna's hotel! Only one slight difference was confusing me... this building had hundreds of people standing outside it pressed up against barriers. I had been lead to believe by the media that Madonna had no fans anymore and that no-one was bothering to go to her hotel!

So I crossed over the road to join the throngs, waiting for Madonna to come outside. Within a few minutes a cheer went up and all of us waiting wondered what had happened. Madonna had left the building - but by the back door. Oh well, I still had the whole weekend in front of me!

As the crowds dispersed I overheard some fans talking about Madonna having left the hotel for Wembley Stadium. I asked if I could tag along and so we all got a tube train to Wembley.

It would've been around 6pm now - and what greeted me at Wembley was just mind-blowing, for someone who since his early teenage years had only dreamed of getting somewhere close to the real Madonna in action! She was here and she was doing the final rehearsal for her new world tour - and I could hear it! Not only that, but if I used the zoom on my camcorder, I could SEE the words GIRLIE SHOW in the distance!

The video below is an excerpt of what I saw and heard that evening!

(madonna-tv.com, September 1993)