1993: Madonna in London, no fans anymore?

I remember watching these GMTV reports on the morning of Friday September 24th 1993. Later that day I would travel to London myself and for the first time in my life, see Madonna in the flesh!

The UK media had a definite angle for all reporting about Madonna's London concerts in 1993 - their angle was that Madonna was now "old news" - her career was over apparantly! Reports on TV and in the papers concentrated on the differences between the amount of fans at her hotel for this tour and what had happened in 1987 and 1990 on her previous UK tours. Of course facts like this was September - with people back at schools and colleges, while in 87 & 90 the visits were in the middle of Summer - were conveniently ignored!

As I would discover myself when I arrived in London later this very day, there's often a very big difference between what the media report and reality! I'll be showing you some of my own footage to prove this point later...

(GMTV, September 1993)