1989: Madonna Interview on TV-am

Back in 1989 Madonna gave just one TV interview
(!!!!) and that was to Molly Meldrum for Australian TV.

Not long after the interview aired in Australia, Madonna's record company Warner Bros. packaged up the interview for broadcast around the world and in the UK, the first exclusive showing went to Breakfast TV Channel TV-am.

Here's the interview - most of us have seen it before - but for me, the really interesting part is the 1987 "Who's That Girl" concert footage which Warners decided to include in the interview package.

What you're looking at are clips of "Papa Don't Preach" and "Open Your Heart", not from the Warner video release "Ciao Italia", but taken from the professional footage filmed of the very final show of the tour - the concert in Florence, Italy!

Footage from this final show was used in Ciao Italia, but the main concert in that video is the Turin show (some Tokyo concert footage is also thrown into Ciao Italia just for good measure - and to confuse you). But the Florence clips used in this Molly Meldrum interview have never otherwise been shown.

If ANYONE knows how to get their hands on the full Florence concert video, which Warners used for Ciao Italia and then in this interview in 1989 - PLEASE GET IN CONTACT. I WILL MAKE YOU VERY RICH!!! :-)

Part 1:

Part 2:

(TV-AM UK, July 1989)