1990: Blond Ambition Dressing Room Clip!

"Wetten Dass...?" is a legendary Saturday night entertainment show in Germany and Madonna has appeared live on this show to perform and be interviewed many times.

Here though in the Spring of 1990, is her first ever appearance on the show - a taped segment from the dressing room of her Blond Ambition tour rehearsals in Los Angeles!

She's filmed with dancer Oliver Crumes giving a message to the German audience, wearing a unique variation of one of the costumes which featured on the tour!

(ZDF, March 1990)

1988: Race Against Time Press Conference

1988 came after 3 of the most intense years in Madonna's career and for fans at the time it was frustrating! Getting used to a year without any new music from Madonna was not easy.

But I adored this year - it was still wall-to-wall Madonna in the papers and magazines, with new photos every week showing what she was up to in New York with that gorgeous dark hair. Wishing there was some way I could get to see Speed-The-Plow figured big in my schoolboy thoughts that year, but it was not to be!

One of the exciting public appearances Madonna made in 1988 came in my school holidays - August 8th to be precise (and a couple of days later photos were all over the UK press). Madonna had appeared at a press conference to launch Sport Aid's "Race Against Time".

Here's a CNN report about the event, watchable quality, but only just!

(CNN, August 1988)

1990: Madonna Live In Germany!

One of the very few indoor arena shows of the European leg of the Blond Ambition tour was on July 17th 1990 at the Westfallenhalle in Dortmund, Germany.

This is a really nice German TV report about the concert, including great footage from the gig of "Sooner or Later" and "Express Yourself"!

(ZDF Germany, July 1990)

1987: ADIS Benefit Concert in New York City

Apologies for the quality of this clip - it's from a 2nd or 3rd generation VHS copy which has also been primitively converted from NTSC to PAL!

But it's a cool report from local New York Channel 7 "Eyewitness" news - a rare piece about Madonna's special AIDS benefit concert at New York's Madison Square Garden on July 13th 1987.

This rare indoor arena gig (on what was mostly a stadium tour in both North America & Europe), was staged entirely as a fundraiser for AmFAR. Fans attending the concert were given a unique Who's That Girl Tour comic book, explaining the facts about safe sex and AIDS.

(Channel 7 News, July 1987)

1990: Madonna Profile from Dutch TV.

This is quite a nice career profile from Saturday afternoon music show "Countdown" which aired weekly on the Dutch TV channel RTL-4 back in the 80s and 90s.

Included is some footage of Madonna performing in Rotterdam, Holland on her 1987 Who's That Girl Tour and also in Tokyo, Japan on the 1990 Blond Ambition Tour.

Rare interview footage and movie clips are also used to describe Madonna's career year-by-year up to and including 1990.

(RTL-4, July 1990)

1990: Dick Tracy "Vogue" TV Trailer

Even though the song does not feature anywhere in the movie, Touchstone Pictures based this great TV trailer for "Dick Tracy" around Madonna's international number one hit "Vogue".

(MTV Europe, July 1990)

1990: Donna Delory talks LIVE on Sky News

20 years ago this month, Madonna was on her 2nd concert tour of the UK! Her Blond Ambition tour played 3 nights at London's Wembley Stadium and her week-long stay in the city caused a total media frenzy.

Of course Madonna herself kept away from the TV studios while she was in London, but backing singer / dancer Donna Delory spent the morning of Friday July 20th visiting a variety of UK TV shows to give interviews.

By mid-morning Donna was at the Sky News studios and here's her live interview with Vivien Creegor about what it was like to work with Madonna on the Blond Ambition Tour.

(Sky News, July 1990)

1995: Rare LIVE BBC TV Interview!

This was for me the most unexpected Madonna TV recording I ever made - a full unscheduled sit-down interview with Madonna - her only ever UK TV interview which was broadcast live!

It was Monday March 27th 1995 and the 67th Annual Academy Awards were taking place that evening. Madonna was not scheduled to attend, but it had already been announced that she would appear on tape during the ceremony, hosted by David Letterman, in a comic sketch about a toy monkey!

So for that reason alone, I set my VCR to record the entire live UK broadcast of the Oscars. In the UK that year, the show was aired (during the small hours of the morning of Tuesday March 28th) on BBC TV - the official state broadcaster which does not air commercials.

Since the live Oscars telecast in USA does include ad breaks, the BBC has to fill these slots with something else - and in 1995 they chose their movie critic Barry Norman to fill the ad breaks by presenting live commentary on the awards from inside an unofficial Oscars party where celebrities who were not attending the actual event, were gathered to eat, drink and watch the show on TV screens.

So it's now the day after the show and I sit down to scan through my tape of the live broadcast to find the Madonna "Monkey" sketch - and as I am fast-forwarding through all of it I see something which makes me stop - it's MADONNA! But this is not the "Monkey" sketch, she's sitting beside Alan Parker - and Barry Norman is talking!


Yes - Madonna was at that party where the BBC were broadcasting and she was with Alan Parker - and this was just 2 weeks after she had officially confirmed that at last she would by playing Evita, directed by Parker. She was wearing the same pink Versace dress which she had worn 3 weeks earlier at the San Remo Festival in Italy to perform "Take a Bow" and she was slightly drunk!

Here it is - it's funny, she's tipsy, it's LIVE on the BBC and it appears that this was never recorded or stored by them (it was never shown again and is no longer in their archives).

(BBC UK, March 1995)

2005: Madonna sings "Truly Scrumptious"!

Madonna didn't perform at the 2005 Grammy Awards - at least not during the main show itself.

She did however give an impromptu rendition of "Truly Scrumptious" from the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" on her way into the venue, whilst being interviewed for "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno"!

Here it is, filmed Sunday February 13th 2005 and broadcast in the UK on channel FTN.

(FTN UK, February 2005)

1992: Madonna bares breasts on catwalk!

Friday September 24th 1992 - and the start of Madonna's "publicity blitz" for her "Erotica" album and "Sex" book.

Jean-Paul Gaultier hosted a celebrity fashion show in LA for AmFAR and the climax of the evening was Madonna joining Gaultier, revealing a bit more of herself than many expected!

Here's raw footage of her appearance from French TV!

(September 1992)