1988: Race Against Time Press Conference

1988 came after 3 of the most intense years in Madonna's career and for fans at the time it was frustrating! Getting used to a year without any new music from Madonna was not easy.

But I adored this year - it was still wall-to-wall Madonna in the papers and magazines, with new photos every week showing what she was up to in New York with that gorgeous dark hair. Wishing there was some way I could get to see Speed-The-Plow figured big in my schoolboy thoughts that year, but it was not to be!

One of the exciting public appearances Madonna made in 1988 came in my school holidays - August 8th to be precise (and a couple of days later photos were all over the UK press). Madonna had appeared at a press conference to launch Sport Aid's "Race Against Time".

Here's a CNN report about the event, watchable quality, but only just!

(CNN, August 1988)