1990: MTV Awards Nominations Announced!

This week 20 years ago, fans everywhere were eagerly awaiting the 7th Annual MTV Video Music Awards. Just a few days before the show, and only a few weeks after her Blond Ambition tour had ended, Madonna was confirmed as one of the musical performers at the ceremony to be held in Los Angeles.

A month earlier on Tuesday 17th July, the award nominations were announced at a press conference hosted by Arsenio Hall, who was himself returning to compere the show. Here is a rare MTV News report about the nominations including star comments about Madonna's record-breaking 8 nominations for her "Vogue" video!

Stay tuned this week to madonna-tv.com for the ultimate video roundup of Madonna's historic appearance 20 years ago at the VMAs in 1990. If you didn't live through that week in 1990, now's your chance!

(MTV, July 1990)

1985: Madonna interviewed on Dutch TV!

Madonna-TV viewer Henk from The Netherlands shares with us his own personal recordings of this very rare Madonna interivew.

It's from Dutch TV's "Countdown" show from RTL in March 1985 - their host Adam Curry (who later went on to work for MTV in America) talks to Madonna about the Material Girl video, her movie work and more!

(RTL Netherlands, March 1985)

1994: Madonna Interviewed at the VMAs

After the 1994 VMA show had ended, Madonna gave an interview from inside Radio City Music Hall to her friend and MTV host Juliette Hohnen.

I've never seen this entire interivew (there are a couple of clips in the news report found 2 posts below this), but here's a short segment from MTV-News of the interview where Madonna talks about why she chose Melodie McDaniels to direct her "Secret" video and also a bit about her "Bedtime Stories" album.

(MTV, September 1994)

1994: Madonna's MTV Video Music Awards

From 1990 onwards, I eagerly awaited the MTV Video Music Awards every September - prior to 1990 I didn't have MTV :-( !

This year (1994) I can remember that I'd been so busy with other things in my life that I had not heard it confirmed that Madonna would be appearing. I did however know that she was nominated in the category of "Best Video From a Film" for "I'll Remember" - so for that reason, I made it my business to tune into the show live in the early hours of Thursday night / Friday morning on September 8th. During the pre-show special it was confirmed that Madonna would be coming - and so naturally I got very excited!

In the end, she didn't win with "I'll Remember" (the award went to Bruce Springsteen's "Philadelphia"), but we caught a quick shot of her in the audience early on in the show - but then right at the very end she made her appearance to present the biggest award of the night "Video Of The Year".

6 months prior to this, Madonna had hit the headlines everywhere with her controversial, f-word laden appearance on "The Late Show With David Letterman" - so it was a bit of a clever publicity stunt for her to be accompanied by Letterman as she came onstage at the VMAs to present the award.

On handing over the award, an exchange of words took place between Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Madonna, about her "Sex" book - and this was removed from all subsequent broadcasts of the show on MTV-Europe.

So if you've got 7 minutes to kill, here is everything from the original live broadcast which featured Madonna - from the opening titles, to the brief audience shot, to the full uncut award presentation!

(MTV, September 1994)

1994: MTV-News at the Video Music Awards

Here's MTV-News' definitive roundup on the 1994 Video Music Awards, including a great look at everything that happened at the awards show that year, including some clips from Juliette Hohnen's interview with Madonna at Radio City Music Hall after the show.

(MTV, September 1994)

1994: Bjork talks about "Bedtime Story"

Thursday 8th September 1994 was another night I sat up until the early hours to catch a glimpse of Madonna live on TV!

She'd been a making a habit of attending the MTV Video Music Awards for many years by then - and the results were always a major highlight. This year though, her appearance as a presenter was kept very low key until the last minute.

The show was broadcast live in the UK on MTV-Europe back then - starting at about 1am - and during the 1994 live "pre show", I was treated to this short interview with Bjork by Tabitha Sorren.

The "Bedtime Stories" album was not even released at this stage (neither was the lead single "Secret") but as you can see, most all of Bjork's chat with MTV focused on the then-rumoured song which she had written for Madonna's album. I've not seen Bjork talk much about "Bedtime Story" over the years since.

(MTV, September 1994)

1998: 'Week In Rock' on the set of Frozen

February 1998 was an exciting month for Madonna fans! After her ballads album "Something to Remember", the birth of Lourdes and the movie Evita, it sometimes seemed like we weren't gonna have edgy / cool / rebellious Madonna ever again. This was not a thought I relished.

But then "Ray of Light" arrived and in February we got "Frozen" as a taster. The song was Madonna on top form and the video reassured the likes of me that Madonna had not turned into what I feared she might!

Here's MTV's Kurt Loder reporting for "Week in Rock" from the set of the video, on January 8th 1998! The report was broadcast in February amidts a blitz of publicity for the album. It contains footage and interview clips which were not included in the later "MTV Ultrasound" special about the making of the album.

(MTV, February 1998)

1996: Pregnant Madonna at AIDS Benefit

Madonna's daughter Lourdes is in the news right now with her "Material Girl" clothing collection, but this month 14 years ago she was in Madonna's womb!

And one of Madonna's very few public appearances during the later stages of her pregnancy, was at the annual "Comitment to Life" AIDS benefit in Hollywood, in August 1996.

Here's a report on the event from ET-UK, including some of their own footage of Madonna arriving and leaving the show, plus interviews about Madonna with stars Tom Hanks and Denis Rodman at the event!

(ET-UK, August 1996)