1994: Bjork talks about "Bedtime Story"

Thursday 8th September 1994 was another night I sat up until the early hours to catch a glimpse of Madonna live on TV!

She'd been a making a habit of attending the MTV Video Music Awards for many years by then - and the results were always a major highlight. This year though, her appearance as a presenter was kept very low key until the last minute.

The show was broadcast live in the UK on MTV-Europe back then - starting at about 1am - and during the 1994 live "pre show", I was treated to this short interview with Bjork by Tabitha Sorren.

The "Bedtime Stories" album was not even released at this stage (neither was the lead single "Secret") but as you can see, most all of Bjork's chat with MTV focused on the then-rumoured song which she had written for Madonna's album. I've not seen Bjork talk much about "Bedtime Story" over the years since.

(MTV, September 1994)