1998: 'Week In Rock' on the set of Frozen

February 1998 was an exciting month for Madonna fans! After her ballads album "Something to Remember", the birth of Lourdes and the movie Evita, it sometimes seemed like we weren't gonna have edgy / cool / rebellious Madonna ever again. This was not a thought I relished.

But then "Ray of Light" arrived and in February we got "Frozen" as a taster. The song was Madonna on top form and the video reassured the likes of me that Madonna had not turned into what I feared she might!

Here's MTV's Kurt Loder reporting for "Week in Rock" from the set of the video, on January 8th 1998! The report was broadcast in February amidts a blitz of publicity for the album. It contains footage and interview clips which were not included in the later "MTV Ultrasound" special about the making of the album.

(MTV, February 1998)