2003: Madonna 'Roasts' Carson Daly on MTV

Madonna has made a lot of funny appearanaces on TV over the years. Here she is in 2003 poking fun at MTV presenter Carson Daly on a special "MTV Bash" show, where the host was "roasted" by a load of celebrities

(MTV, July 2003)

1990: Vogue at the Video Music Awards!

The 1990 MTV Video Music Awards finally got underway at 5pm Pacific Time on Thursday September 6th 1990 at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, California! Madonna fans tuning in LIVE around the world however had a long wait of over 2 hours to see the superstar on stage.

Madonna failed to win any of the awards she was personally nominated for, but right at the end of the show in the very last segment (just before Cher presented "Video of The Year" to Sinead O'Connor) we got a major treat!

Accompanied by her full set of Blond Ambition tour dancers, Madonna performed a unique version of the song of the year, "Vogue" - and here it is, with full original introduction from Arsenio Hall, taken straight from my own recording of the live broadcast 20 years ago today!

(MTV, September 1990)

1990: All the VMA Award Presentations!

The night of Thursday September 6th 1990 saw the 7th Annual MTV Video Music Awards take place at the Universal Amphiteatre in Los Angeles, California.

Although Madonna received a record-breaking 8 nominations that year for her "Vogue" video - as the live television broadcast unfolded disappointment came, with Madonna failing to win in any of the major categories. It was a frustrating night for Madonna fans watching at home, knowing that Madonna was actually there, ready to take to the podium to accept awards but in the end not getting a single chance to do that.

Here you can rewind to that night and watch from my original recording of the live show, as each of the Madonna-nominated awards is presented. As you will see "Vogue" did win for "Best Director", but the moonman for that was of course presented to David Fincher. The video also won in other technical categories which were not presented during the television special.

(MTV, September 1990)

1990: Donna DeLory previews Vogue VMA!

Thursday September 6th 1990 and to say I was excited, would be a major understatement.

School holidays were still on - and I had the whole day free to spend looking forward to a night of MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS which were to include a confirmed LIVE PERFORMANCE OF VOGUE from Madonna! Life could not have been better! :-)

Keeping a close eye on MTV-Europe through the day was not a difficult task for me - they were showing wall-to-wall VMA performances from previous years (including Madonna's performances from 1984 and 1989). When an MTV-News bulliten popped up in the middle of all that, from Los Angeles about Madonna's impending 1990 appearance - I was ready with my VCR!

Here, Pipp Dann from MTV-Europe, interviews Madonna's backing singer / dancer Donna DeLory whilst speeding along in a Pink Cadillac. Donna was being coy about what Madonna's performance of "Vogue" would be like that evening, but she did show us a polaroid of herself in costume - giving a small hint of what was to come that evening.

Back then really was a great time to be a Madonna fan if you had MTV!!!

(MTV, September 1990)