1990: Donna DeLory previews Vogue VMA!

Thursday September 6th 1990 and to say I was excited, would be a major understatement.

School holidays were still on - and I had the whole day free to spend looking forward to a night of MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS which were to include a confirmed LIVE PERFORMANCE OF VOGUE from Madonna! Life could not have been better! :-)

Keeping a close eye on MTV-Europe through the day was not a difficult task for me - they were showing wall-to-wall VMA performances from previous years (including Madonna's performances from 1984 and 1989). When an MTV-News bulliten popped up in the middle of all that, from Los Angeles about Madonna's impending 1990 appearance - I was ready with my VCR!

Here, Pipp Dann from MTV-Europe, interviews Madonna's backing singer / dancer Donna DeLory whilst speeding along in a Pink Cadillac. Donna was being coy about what Madonna's performance of "Vogue" would be like that evening, but she did show us a polaroid of herself in costume - giving a small hint of what was to come that evening.

Back then really was a great time to be a Madonna fan if you had MTV!!!

(MTV, September 1990)