1991: Madonnna talks about The Oscars

Almost exactly 3 weeks after she performed live at the 1991 Oscars Ceremony, Madonna was interviewed for MTV by Kurt Loder to promote her upcoming "Truth or Dare" movie.

In this segment, she looks back at her "Sooner or Later" performance at the Oscars and talks candidly about the experience. She also discusses her date at the Oscars, Michael Jackson!

Thanks to Club78Boy for originally sharing this video!

(MTV / Club78Boy, April 1991)

1991: Madonna performs at The Oscars!!!

It's Monday evening, March 25th 1991 and Madonna makes her first ever appearance at the Academy Awards. In 1987 she was lined up to present an award at the Oscars, but this fell through at the last minute and 4 years later she made it to the ceremony!

Here is one of the most memorable performances of Madonna's career. She performs the Oscar winning song "Sonner or Later" from "Dick Tracy" at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles wearing a dress by the legendary Bob Mackie. The performance was choreographed by her Blond Ambition Tour choreographer Vince Patterson.

The video below is from the original live UK TV broadcast and also includes the full closing credits - Madonna's performance got its own page in the credits!

(Sky Movies, March 1991)

1991: "Sooner or Later" wins at the Oscars

Here's the full presentation of the award for "Best Original Song"at the 1991 Oscars. While the winning song "Sooner or Later" from "Dick Tracy" was sung in the movie by Madonna, the Oscar award goes to the songwriter.

Watch Madonna applaud from her front-row seat in the audiance, as Stephen Sondheim is announced as the winner!

(Sky Movies, March 1991)

1991: Oscar stars arrive to watch Madonna!

The 2011 Oscars are happening tonight, but 20 years ago in 1991 they were held at the end of March and back then they were on Monday nights instead of Sundays.

"Dick Tracy" received multiple nominations at the 1991 Oscars, including for "Best Original Song" and there was massive advance buzz around Madonna's confirmed performance of "Sooner or Later" at the ceremony.

Here from the original LIVE UK TV broadcast, is the opening section showing all of the big stars who walked the red carpet that night!

(Sky Movies, March 1991)

1999: Madonna introduces video on BBC TV

Madonna appeared on legendary UK TV show "Top Of The Pops" many times over the years to perform her hit singles.

Here's one of her rarer appearances - a taped message introducing her "Beautiful Stranger" video, shown June 1999.

The 2nd part of the video shows Madonna's brief message again - this time zoomed to give you a better look at her!

(BBC, June 1999)

1987: "American Music Awards" Appearance!

Monday 26th January 1987. Madonna is back in Los Angeles finishing up work on "Who's That Girl" and she makes a rare appearance at the 14th Annual American Music Awards looking very much like Nikki Finn.

Here she is collecting the "Favourite Pop / Rock Female Video" award for "Papa Don't Preach" from Richard Page of Mr. Mister and Robert Bell of Kool & The Gang.

(ABC, January 1987)

1995: Brit Awards Press Conference RAW!

Monday 20th February 1995 saw Madonna perform live for the first time in her career on a British awards show - a breathtaking version of "Betime Story" at the 15th Annual Brit Awards in London.

Here's some amazing raw footage of the press conference she gave after her appearance on the show - taking questions about her love life, touring, Evita, and lots more!

(ITN, February 1995)

2001: Madonna Accepts Brit Award with Guy

Just married two short months, Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie taped this acceptance speech for the 2001 Brit Awards.

For the first time in her career, Madonna was awarded the "Best International Female" Brit and the taped message was shown during the broadcast on February 26th 2001.

(ITV, February 2001)

2001: Madonna performs 'Music' @ Grammys

In front of a video backdrop by Dan Rucks (Dan-O-Rama), with longtime backup singers & dancers Donna DeLory and Niki Haris, Madonna opened the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards on February 21st 2001.

She performed her worldwide number one hit "Music" at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and afterwards she took a seat in the audience beside husband Guy Ritchie.

Watch her full live performance from the original UK BBC broadcast!

(BBC, February 2001)

1991: Madonna WINS at the VMAs!

One year after Madonna's historic appearance at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards, she was again a nominee at the 1991 event. This time the nominations came in two categories for her "Truth or Dare" version of "Like a Virgin" and in the category of "Best Long-Form Music Video" for the "Immaculate Collection" video compilation.

Fans knew Madonna would likely not attend the show in Los Angeles that year due to the fact she was in the middle of filming "A League Of Their Own" in Indiana, but with the possiblity of winning some awards, maybe we would see a taped message if she won?

In the end Cindy Crawford announced Madonna as winner of "Best Long-Form Music Video". Watch the clip to see what happened on the night!

(MTV, September 1991)

1995: Courtney Love meets Madonna!

So the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards were over and MTV News presenter Kurt Loder was interviewing stars for the "Post-Show" special. Amongst his guests outside Radio City Music Hall was Madonna and they were discussing her "Best Female Video" win along with her upcoming "Something to Remember" album.

Courtney Love, who had been appearaing at the awards with her band Hole, decided she wanted to join in and the rest is history. Here's an MTV-Europe report on what happened!

(MTV, September 1995)

1995: VMA News Reports & Reviews

Here's the take of two TV shows on the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards, the day after they happened!

Firstly, UK network breakfast show GMTV reviews the broadcast. Their showbiz correspondant at the time Fiona Philips has some choice words about Madonna's appearance.

Then a very amusing report from CNN's "Showbiz Today". Mark Shearer presents his "alternative awards" on the evening's proceedings.

Both reports feature Madonna clips from the show!

(GMTV & CNN, September 1995)

Sooner or later you're gonna be mine!

Earlier this week MadonnaTribe and a few other fan sites reported some news - the kind of news most Madonna fans have been dreaming about for a very long time.

Finally they say, Madonna's "Blond Ambition" tour is set to receive an official 2011 DVD (and Blu Ray!) release. As if that were not enough, the rumour also mentioned that this long-awaited release would be accompanied by the release of a DVD of "The Virgin Tour" (complete with songs missing from the original 1985 VHS release) and a remastered edition of "The Girlie Show".

"Official" sources are now denying MadonnaTribe's story but despite this - sooner or later this REALLY HAS GOTTA HAPPEN.

Forget everything else, this is what we all want - so whoever is out there who can make this happen, please do us all a favour and get on with it!!!!!

Time now to go back to a hot Tuesday night 21 years ago! Here for the first time ever since the night it happened, is Madonna belting out the Oscar-winning "Sooner or Later" to a packed concert hall in Boston, Massachusetts on June 5th 1990!

(June 1990)

1995: Accepting 'Best Female Video' VMA

The first time Madonna won 'Best Female Video' at the MTV Video Music Awards, was in 1987 for 'Papa Don't Preach' and although she received nominations for this award many times after that win, it was not until 1995 that she would win again.

She wasn't there in 1987 to accept the award, but on September 7th 1995 at New York's Radio City Music Hall, Madonna accepted for "Take a Bow" in person, from George Clooney.

Watch the full presentation and acceptance here from the original live broadcast!

(MTV, September 1995)

1995: Presenting VMA for 'Best Rap Video'

1995 kicked off with Madonna scoring her biggest ever US Billboard singles chart hit as "Take a Bow" topped the charts for seven weeks! Two more singles from "Bedtime Stories" would bring success later in the year.

By March, the movie "Evita" was finally confirmed to be happening with Madonna in the lead role and Alan Parker as director. When the Summer ended Madonna was due to begin work on this as well as preparing to release a compilation album of her ballads, entitled "Something to Remember".

So finally we get to September and an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards - *the* awards show for Madonna fans back then!!! This time, Madonna was on the lineup as presenter of "Best Rap Video", and from my original tape you can watch below her presentation in full from the uncensored live broadcast (there's a bit of trademark strong language which was never broadcast again)!

(MTV, September 1995)

1995: Madonna's MTV VMA History

A few days before the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards, this "Salute to the MTV VMA All-Stars" special looked back at Madonna's previous VMA appearances.

It's a great report which includes clips from Madonna at the VMAs in 1984, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990 and 1993!

(MTV, September 1995)

1995: MTV Video Music Awards Are Coming!

Another late night for me back in 1995 for the live European broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards. Although not performing, Madonna was confirmed to appear at the awards as a multiple nominee and as one of the award presenters.

Thursday 7th September 1995 saw Madonna collect the "Best Female Video" moonman in person for the first time in her career and while she initially made the news for this and her live on-air swearing during the ceremony, it would be an appearance from Madonna after the show which would end up as one of the best remembered VMA moments in history!

Tune in to madonna-tv.com all next week to re-live everything from the 1995 VMAs. All of the Madonna moments from the broadcast along with news reports and that infamous Courtney Love post-show encounter.

Here's a look at the official TV trailer for the show and the live opening.

(MTV, September 1995)

1991: New York Film Critics Awards

20 years ago Madonna started the year fairly low key - it wasn't until Spring 1991 that things heated up with the release of "Truth or Dare".

In January she made a rare appearance at the New York Film Critics Awards, honouring "Nasty Girl" director Michael Verhoeven. Here's a report on the awards from "Entertainment Tonight" including a clip of Madonna backstage with Verhoeven

(ET, January 1991)