1995: MTV Video Music Awards Are Coming!

Another late night for me back in 1995 for the live European broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards. Although not performing, Madonna was confirmed to appear at the awards as a multiple nominee and as one of the award presenters.

Thursday 7th September 1995 saw Madonna collect the "Best Female Video" moonman in person for the first time in her career and while she initially made the news for this and her live on-air swearing during the ceremony, it would be an appearance from Madonna after the show which would end up as one of the best remembered VMA moments in history!

Tune in to madonna-tv.com all next week to re-live everything from the 1995 VMAs. All of the Madonna moments from the broadcast along with news reports and that infamous Courtney Love post-show encounter.

Here's a look at the official TV trailer for the show and the live opening.

(MTV, September 1995)