Sooner or later you're gonna be mine!

Earlier this week MadonnaTribe and a few other fan sites reported some news - the kind of news most Madonna fans have been dreaming about for a very long time.

Finally they say, Madonna's "Blond Ambition" tour is set to receive an official 2011 DVD (and Blu Ray!) release. As if that were not enough, the rumour also mentioned that this long-awaited release would be accompanied by the release of a DVD of "The Virgin Tour" (complete with songs missing from the original 1985 VHS release) and a remastered edition of "The Girlie Show".

"Official" sources are now denying MadonnaTribe's story but despite this - sooner or later this REALLY HAS GOTTA HAPPEN.

Forget everything else, this is what we all want - so whoever is out there who can make this happen, please do us all a favour and get on with it!!!!!

Time now to go back to a hot Tuesday night 21 years ago! Here for the first time ever since the night it happened, is Madonna belting out the Oscar-winning "Sooner or Later" to a packed concert hall in Boston, Massachusetts on June 5th 1990!

(June 1990)