1985: Madonna as Princess Diana on SNL

On the day of Prince William's wedding in London, here's a look back at Madonna playing the role of his late mother Princess Diana in a "Saturday Night Live" comedy sketch from November 1985!

(NBC, November 1985)

1992: Danny Aiello on "Truth or Dare"...

Danny Aiello played Madonna's father in her 1986 video "Papa Don't Preach".

In 1992, one year after "Truth or Dare", he spoke about the infamous scene from that movie where Madonna 'disses' Kevin Costner for describing her Blond Ambition concert as "neat".

'Papa' was not impressed...

(madonna-tv.com, 2011)

1991: "Truth or Dare" Official EPK Interview!

The official DVD releases of "Truth or Dare" & "In Bed With Madonna" were very light on extras (to put it mildly!).

Here's something that really should have been included and I can't why think it wasn't - it's the official promotional interview package for the movie. Produced by Dino De Laurentis and distributed to media outlets in 1991 to further hype the film - it's shown here in full from a broadcast on MTV-Europe at the time.

Madonna and director Alek Keshishian talk in April 1991 about making "Truth or Dare".

Und das interview auf Deutsch:

(Dino De Laurentis Productions, April 1991)

1998: Ray of Light performed LIVE on Oprah

May 1988 saw Madonna make her 2nd visit to the "The Oprah Winfrey Show". For this appearance Madonna was not only interviewed by Oprah but she also performed two songs from the "Ray of Light" album.

Here's the stunning live performance of "Ray of Light" at Oprah's Chicago studio, accompanied by William Orbit and watched from the audiance by Ingrid Caseras.

(Channel Five UK, May 1998)

1991: 'Truth or Dare' Trailer - TV Premiere!

It's now 20 years since Madonna stormed the world with her movie "Truth or Dare" (internationally re-titled "In Bed With Madonna") - the documentary about her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour.

While stories about a tour documentary first surfaced in 1990, the massive worldwide media blitz kicked off on the evening of Tuesday April 2nd 1991 when top US showbiz programme "Entertainment Tonight" lead their show with a World Premiere TV showing of the cinema trailer for the movie.

Madonna-TV is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of "Truth or Dare" by taking you back in time all though April and May. We'll show you everything about the movie you would possibly have seen on TV back in 1991!

Here's ET's first report about "Truth or Dare"!

(ET, April 1991)