1991: 'Truth or Dare' Trailer - TV Premiere!

It's now 20 years since Madonna stormed the world with her movie "Truth or Dare" (internationally re-titled "In Bed With Madonna") - the documentary about her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour.

While stories about a tour documentary first surfaced in 1990, the massive worldwide media blitz kicked off on the evening of Tuesday April 2nd 1991 when top US showbiz programme "Entertainment Tonight" lead their show with a World Premiere TV showing of the cinema trailer for the movie.

Madonna-TV is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of "Truth or Dare" by taking you back in time all though April and May. We'll show you everything about the movie you would possibly have seen on TV back in 1991!

Here's ET's first report about "Truth or Dare"!

(ET, April 1991)