1990: Blond Ambition Munich Footage!

Since 1987, every concert on each of Madonna's tours has been professionally shot by a multi-camera crew for live broadcast on large screens during the show. It's been a treat for fans over the years to see some of this concert footage end up on TV - usually in news reports about the concerts.

Here's some of the great pro-shot video-screen footage from Madonna's first German show of her Blond Ambition tour.

She played the Olympic Stadium in Munich on Sunday July 15th 1990 and here from German TV channel "Premiere" we have some generous footage of "Open Your Heart" and "Where's The Party" (mis-labelled "Everybody" by the German broadcaster!).

(Premiere, December 1991)

1991: BBC Barry Norman Cannes Report

The BBC's resident movie critic Barry Norman was scheduled to interview Madonna in the early 1990s but didn't get his chance to talk to her until 1995.

Back in 1991 he presented his weekly BBC1 film special from Cannes during the film festival and as you would have expected, the focus of his attention was on Madonna and her movie "In Bed With Madonna".

Here's his excellent feature from May 1991, which includes fantastic footage of Madonna at her movie premiere alongside interviews with British journalists who were in Cannes to cover proceedings (watch for a young Piers Morgan...).

(BBC, May 1991)

1991: Did Madonna enjoy her Premiere?

Jean-Paul Gaultier accompanied Madonna to her Cannes Premiere of "In Bed With Madonna" on May 13th 1991. MTV-Europe's Steve Blame talked to Jean-Paul the following evening and he spoke candidly about Madonna's thoughts on the premiere!

Watch some great footage of Madonna's arrival from German TV channel Premiere and then Gaultier's interview from MTV-Europe, below.

(Premiere / MTV-Europe, May 1991)

1991: That Legendary Cannes Premiere

It's one of the most memorable public appearances of her career - the European premiere of "In Bed With Madonna" at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival.

Madonna arrived at the Palais Des Festivals in Cannes on the evening of Monday May 13th 1991 dressed in a Jean-Paul Gaultier pink Kimono (the French fashion designer was at her side!).

The crowd went wild as the superstar climbed the steps outside, but then mass hysteria erupted as she removed the Kimono to reveal one of Gaultier's trademark corsets! Those Blond Ambition torpedos were back for one night only and the following day the world's newspapers would feature Madonna wearing them on all their front pages!

Here's a really excellent piece on the event from UK's SKY NEWS. Fiona Philips reports, with lots of premiere footage and even some of Sky TV's interview with Madonna, recorded at her hotel earlier in the day.

(Sky News, May 1991)

1991: Madonna's Cannes Party Report

Here's more on the official "In Bed With Madonna" party, thrown for Madonna on the night of Sunday May 12th 1991 in Cannes (the evening before the official Cannes Premiere of her movie).

MTV-Europe's weekly movie show "The Big Picture" saw host Ray Cokes present from Cannes and his report below includes interviews with stars who attended Madonna's party along with excerpts from one of Madonna's own interviews given in Cannes as part of her European "press junket" for "In Bed With Madonna".

(MTV, May 1991)

1991: Inside Madonna's Cannes Party!!

MTV-Europe were big on their coverage of the 1991 Cannes Film Festival. In this report, Sonya Saul gets up close to Madonna as she leaves her own party on the first night of her Cannes visit (much to publicist Liz Rosenberg's alarm!).

She also interviews stars at the party like Tina Turner, Robyn Givens & Dennis Hopper, along with the director of "Truth or Dare / In Bed With Madonna", Alek Keshishian.

(MTV News, May 1991)

1991: Madonnna Arrives in Cannes

The publicity for Madonna's 1991 movie "Truth or Dare" was in full swing following its two USA premieres and as the movie opened in selected theaters for its first weekend there, Madonna was off to Europe for lots more promotion at the Cannes Film Festival.

She arrived in France on Sunday May 12th and that evening she attended a party thrown in her honour and attended by the likes of Tina Turner and Eddie Murphy.

According to news reports, Madonna was subjected to an hour-long strip-search at Nice airport on her arrival in France, and here Entertainment Tonight takes a look at that story along with the official party for the movie.

(ET, May 1991)

1991: NBC Nightly News on TRUTH OR DARE!

Proof of the level of Madonna's fame in 1991? How about a piece on the main Friday evening network news, in effect promoting her new movie!

This wasn't "Entertainment Tonight", "Showbiz Today" or "MTV Week In Rock" - this was NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw - Friday night, May 10th 1991!

Not only an indepth report about Madonna and her new movie, but they used "Material Girl" for the closing titles of the broadcast!

Rewind 20 years now and watch it, just as it was broadcast LIVE in the UK on Sky TV.

(NBC, May 1991)

1998: "Little Star"... The Beats Within!

If you haven't yet discovered The Beats Within - a new blog focused on Madonna's music by Peter Magennis - then now's your chance!

Peter has been interviewing people closely involved in Madonna's career for years and he's now sharing lots of his incredible research with fans via his new blog. What this guy doesn't know about Madonna's music, isn't worth knowing!

In 1998, Madonna's promotional tour for her "Ray of Light" album included a very memorable appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show". Her musical director for the live performances was Michael Bearden, and he has spoken candidly about the "Oprah" taping to Peter.

Head over now to The Beats Within to read the inside story on Madonna's incredible once-only live acoustic performance of "Little Star", which is shown in full below from the original UK broadcast on Sky TV!

(Sky One, May 1998)

1991: More NY Truth or Dare from ET

Here's the 2nd Entertainment Tonight news report covering the New York premiere of Madonna's "Truth or Dare".

This report also aired on Thursday May 9th 1991 as the lead feature in the special weekly hour-long edition of ET. As well as showing more of ET's Madonna interview from the premiere, the report focused on people who say Madonna was a big influence on their lives.

(ET, May 1991)

1991: "You wanna see my pubic hair?"

Entertainment Tonight was the biggest showbiz news programme on TV back in 1991 (it was in fact celebrating 10 years of existance that year). The show aired every weeknight in USA (broadcast on UK TV just hours later) and a special hour-long offering came at weekends. For Madonna fans who had access to this show, we were rarely disappointed when ET covered her happenings.

This is their report on the New York premiere of "Truth or Dare", which aired on Thursday May 9th 1991, the night after the premiere. Madonna talked at length to ET at the screening giving the usual quick-witted answers to anything they threw at her.

Here it is from my original recording of the UK broadcast exactly 20 years ago:

(ET, May 1991)

1991: 'Truth or Dare' Premiere in New York!

Although she never said anything on the red carpet at the LA premiere of "Truth or Dare" on Monday night, by Wednesday May 8th Madonna was in the 'Big Apple' for the 2nd USA premiere of her 1991 tour documentary movie.

This New York premiere was a lot different! Wearing Dolce & Gabbana, the chewing gum was gone and the talk was plenty, with Madonna doing interviews on the night with most every media crew who attended!

Here's CNN's brilliant report on the happenings of that night.

(CNN, May 1991)

1991: "Truth or Dare? You wanna f*#k us?!"

So Madonna and her publicity team made a strategic decision to do no interviews at the World Premiere of "Truth or Dare" in Los Angeles on Monday May 6th 1991. In hindsight this was a very shrewd move, because with further high profile premieres imminent in New York and Cannes, not to mention a deluge of print and TV interviews ready to go, the public would certainly be getting their fill of Madonna throughout the coming month. How to get massive coverage for both US premieres? Say nothing at the first one and then talk to everyone at the second!

The night of the LA premiere, she did however give MTV access to the post-premiere party and at the end of the week one of MTV's infamous "Madonnarama" weekends included lots of interviews from this party.

Here then is Madonna, flanked by Donna DeLory and Niki Haris at the party, giving her only TV interview at the "Truth or Dare" premiere to rap stars Kid 'n' Play.

(MTV, May 1991)

1991: 'Truth or Dare' World Premiere in LA

Even back when superstars were famous for not saying much to the press, it was rare for the star of a movie to attend their own premiere and not say a single word to a single reporter on the red carpet.

Twenty years ago today, Madonna did just that at the world permiere of her much hyped and eagerly anticipated documentary "Truth or Dare" in Los Angeles. She showed up debuting a new dark-brown hairstyle, but sped past all the assembled media without uttering one word!

A few hours earlier on that Monday evening, Entertainment Tonight were still reporting that Michael Jackson was among those set to attend the premiere. In the end he didn't show, but the likes of Herb Ritts, Rosanna Arquette, Sandra Bernhard, Vanilla Ice and K.D. Lang did.

This is my favourite report about the premiere - taken direct from an original recording off CNN-International. Their nightly "Showbiz Today" magazine gives you a great look at what happened...

(CNN, May 1991)

1991: "Like a Virgin" Movie Promo Video

Although Madonna made no new music videos in 1991, fans got a major treat in May of that year, when a special promo clip for the Blond Ambition live version of "Like a Virgin" was produced and issued to music TV channels around the world.

MTV immediately put the video into heavy rotation - a unique compilation of clips from "Truth or Dare" mixed with the live footage of "Like a Virgin" which appears in the movie.

The resulting promo garnered multiple nominations at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards (including one for the prestegious "Best Female Video" award), but sadly the clip has never been released on any Madonna video compilation or any DVD / home video of "Truth or Dare".

Here's the full video from an original promo...

(Boy Toy, 1991)