1991: 'Truth or Dare' World Premiere in LA

Even back when superstars were famous for not saying much to the press, it was rare for the star of a movie to attend their own premiere and not say a single word to a single reporter on the red carpet.

Twenty years ago today, Madonna did just that at the world permiere of her much hyped and eagerly anticipated documentary "Truth or Dare" in Los Angeles. She showed up debuting a new dark-brown hairstyle, but sped past all the assembled media without uttering one word!

A few hours earlier on that Monday evening, Entertainment Tonight were still reporting that Michael Jackson was among those set to attend the premiere. In the end he didn't show, but the likes of Herb Ritts, Rosanna Arquette, Sandra Bernhard, Vanilla Ice and K.D. Lang did.

This is my favourite report about the premiere - taken direct from an original recording off CNN-International. Their nightly "Showbiz Today" magazine gives you a great look at what happened...

(CNN, May 1991)