1991: "Truth or Dare? You wanna f*#k us?!"

So Madonna and her publicity team made a strategic decision to do no interviews at the World Premiere of "Truth or Dare" in Los Angeles on Monday May 6th 1991. In hindsight this was a very shrewd move, because with further high profile premieres imminent in New York and Cannes, not to mention a deluge of print and TV interviews ready to go, the public would certainly be getting their fill of Madonna throughout the coming month. How to get massive coverage for both US premieres? Say nothing at the first one and then talk to everyone at the second!

The night of the LA premiere, she did however give MTV access to the post-premiere party and at the end of the week one of MTV's infamous "Madonnarama" weekends included lots of interviews from this party.

Here then is Madonna, flanked by Donna DeLory and Niki Haris at the party, giving her only TV interview at the "Truth or Dare" premiere to rap stars Kid 'n' Play.

(MTV, May 1991)