1998: "Little Star"... The Beats Within!

If you haven't yet discovered The Beats Within - a new blog focused on Madonna's music by Peter Magennis - then now's your chance!

Peter has been interviewing people closely involved in Madonna's career for years and he's now sharing lots of his incredible research with fans via his new blog. What this guy doesn't know about Madonna's music, isn't worth knowing!

In 1998, Madonna's promotional tour for her "Ray of Light" album included a very memorable appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show". Her musical director for the live performances was Michael Bearden, and he has spoken candidly about the "Oprah" taping to Peter.

Head over now to The Beats Within to read the inside story on Madonna's incredible once-only live acoustic performance of "Little Star", which is shown in full below from the original UK broadcast on Sky TV!

(Sky One, May 1998)