1990: Madonna in Paris for Gaultier Show!

Madonna arrived in Paris yesterday, but 21 years ago in 1990 just a few months after the Blond Ambition tour was over, Madonna was there with boyfriend Tony Ward and others. While in the French captial, she attended the Spring 1991 Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion show.

Gaultier was responsible for Madonna's Blond Ambition tour outfits and many years of collaboration followed. Here's an indepth report about her visit to Paris in late 1990 including interviews with Gaultier himself and other fashion icons such as Karl Lagerfeld.

And then, watch some footage of Madonna arriving at the Ritz Hotel, Paris yesterday June 24th 2011, filmed by fans Daphné & Alexia!

(Lifestyle UK, December 1990)

2008: Madonna Live in Wembley Stadium

Madonna has performed on stage at London's famous Wembley Stadium a total of 10 times so far in her career. Her first performance was Tuesday August 18th 1987 on the Who's That Girl World Tour and her most recent was Thursday September 11th 2008 on the Sticky & Sweet Tour.

Here's some footage exclusive to Madonna-TV - it's the "request section" of her Wembley Sticky & Sweet concert. Fans at the front shouted for "Gambler" to be sung and although Madonna acknowledged their request, watch the video to see her explanation for not obliging. She chose another song instead herself...

(Madonna-TV, September 2008)

2001: Drowned World Tour Berlin Concert

This day 10 years ago, Madonna performed her first concert in Germany since the Blond Ambition tour in 1990.

Her Drowned World Tour came to the capital city Berlin for 3 nights starting Tuesday June 19th 2001 and here's a TV report about the first of those concerts from German channel MDR.

(MDR, June 2001)

2006: Lorraine Kelly on the Confessions Tour!

It's also 5 years now since Madonna's "Confessions Tour" - and (apart from their web address!) little had changed then at UK's "GMTV" since Lorraine Kelly had reviewed the "Drowned World Tour" in 2001!

Here she is again, on the morning of Monday May 22nd 2006 talking to the breakfast TV company's showbiz correspondant Carla Romano about the opening night of "Confessions Tour" in Los Angeles only a handful of hours after the show had finished!

Included is some nice pro-shot footage of "Like a Virgin" and "Get Together" from the show at The Forum, Los Angeles on May 21st 2006!

(GMTV, May 2006)

2001: Lorraine Kelly on Drowned World Tour

UK Madonna fans will be well aware of Lorraine Kelly - the legendary Scottish TV presenter has been a regular fixture on nationwide breakfast TV for decades and has therefore covered many a Madonna event!

Here, broadcast Monday June 11th 2001 on her own morning show, she discusses the opening night of Madonna's Drowned World Tour in Barcelona on June 9th 2001 with guests.

(GMTV, June 2001)

2001: Drowned World Tour Barcelona Report

Hard to believe it's a full 10 years now since Madonna's "Drowned World Tour"!

Saturday June 9th 2001 saw Madonna return to full-scale concert touring for the first time in a very long eight years. The tour came on the back of renewed success for her with the "Ray of Light" and "Music" albums and was the first of 3 world tours featuring Stuart Price in charge of the music.

Opening night was in the Spanish city of Barcelona at the Palau Sant Jordi venue and here from Monday evening June 11th 2001, is a BBC TV report on the show from their legendary entertainment news show at the time "Liquid News".

Following the report, GMTV critic Richard Arnold and the then editor of "Smash Hits" magazine Emma Jones discuss the concert with "Liquid News" anchor, the late Christopher Price.

(BBC, June 2001)

Madonna's Instrumentals: Rare Release!

Over the years, various Madonna singles have included instrumental versions as b-sides or bonus tracks. The majority of Madonna's songs though have never seen their official instrumentals issued to the public on record company releases.

One often overlooked official release however is something that surprised many fans when it was produced by Warner Music Vision in Asian countries many years ago. The home-video compilation "93:99 The Video Collection" was issued as a special "Karaoke Edition" which allowed viewers to watch all of the videos contained either with their original soundtrack or with official instrumentals as audio!

The majority of the songs on "93:99 The Video Collection" had previously never had instrumental versions released, so for example this "Karaoke Edition" was the first time fans heard the original album version instrumentals for "Ray of Light" & "Bad Girl"!

But everything was not as it first appeared (or sounded!). Some tracks on this video compilation were presented not with their matching album version instrumentals - but with unreleased instrumentals of official remix versions and even in some cases, instrumentals of mixes which themselves had previously never been heard!

Here's a **rough idea** of what we got on the video:

Bad Girl
(Album Version Instrumental)
(Instrumental of Daniel Abraham Video Mix / Edit One)
(Instrumental of Daniel Abraham Remix - Some Vocals Included)
(Album Version Instrumental)
Take A Bow
(Unknown Mix Instrumental)
Bedtime Story
(Album Version Instrumental)
Human Nature
(Album Version with Quieter Vocals)
Love Don't Live Here Anymore
(Instrumental of Remix)
(Instrumental of Stereo MC's Remix)
Ray Of Light
(Album Version Instrumental)
Drowned World
(Album Version Instrumental)
The Power Of Good-Bye
(Instrumental of Dallas Austin Remix)
Nothing Really Matters
(Album Version Instrumental)
Beautiful Stranger
(Album Version Instrumental)

And here's two tracks from the video - first up "Fever" which features a unique instrumental remix by Daniel Abraham. Not an exact instrumental of his full vocal Video Mix, but almost so!

Then one of the most unusual on the release - "Take a Bow". This starts off as the original album version but then quickly turns into an instrumental of an otherwise unreleased mix of the track. Babyface's backing vocals can be heard throughout!

(Warner Music Vision, 1999)

1992: Madonna Fan Convention on MTV!

On her birthday August 16th 1992, fans from all over the world gathered in Southfield, Michigan close to where Madonna grew up for "Madonnathon '92".

MTV were there to report as fans met to display and sell rare memorabilia, take a tour of places from Madonna's childhood and also stage a Madonna look-a-like contest!

Watch out for Madonna fan royalty Matthew Rettenmund & Bruce Baron in this really cool report from "Week in Rock" back then.

And check out Matthew Rettenmund's memory of attending this event and being filmed by MTV on his BoyCulture blog.

(MTV, August 1992)

1991: LIKE A PRAYER from Truth or Dare!

Audiences marvelled at the concert footage presented in "Truth or Dare" when the movie arrived in the Spring of 1991. Alek Keshishian had directed a crew operating 35mm movie cameras at the indoor Paris concerts over multiple nights on the Blond Ambition tour and then expertly assembled the footage for the movie.

Many wondered if the full show from this amazing 35mm movie footage would ever be seen, but only a few months later in that same year a major treat was in store.

Special Edition copies of the USA home-video release for "Truth or Dare" had a very exciting "extra". Two complete songs from the concert movie footage which had been left out of the film were included - "Hanky Panky" and "Like a Prayer".

20 years on, fans still dream of seeing more of this stunning concert footage and speculation persists about a possible full release at some point. In the meantime, here is "Like a Prayer" in its full 8 minute glory from that very special 1991 VHS release!

(Live Home Video, October 1991)

1998: Rare Madonna AIDS Walk LA Speech

Madonna's been a longtime supporter of "AIDS Project Los Angeles" fundraising events - and as the organiser of the 14th Annual "AIDS Walk Los Angeles" put it himself, while he would often have to "beg" stars to participate, when he asked if Madonna would come out at 8am on a Sunday morning to this event she just said "yeah, no problem".

Here's rare footage of Madonna addressing the walkers before they started their 10km trek on Sunday September 27th 1998!

(Channel 4 UK, September 1998)