1991: LIKE A PRAYER from Truth or Dare!

Audiences marvelled at the concert footage presented in "Truth or Dare" when the movie arrived in the Spring of 1991. Alek Keshishian had directed a crew operating 35mm movie cameras at the indoor Paris concerts over multiple nights on the Blond Ambition tour and then expertly assembled the footage for the movie.

Many wondered if the full show from this amazing 35mm movie footage would ever be seen, but only a few months later in that same year a major treat was in store.

Special Edition copies of the USA home-video release for "Truth or Dare" had a very exciting "extra". Two complete songs from the concert movie footage which had been left out of the film were included - "Hanky Panky" and "Like a Prayer".

20 years on, fans still dream of seeing more of this stunning concert footage and speculation persists about a possible full release at some point. In the meantime, here is "Like a Prayer" in its full 8 minute glory from that very special 1991 VHS release!

(Live Home Video, October 1991)