2001: Drowned World Tour Barcelona Report

Hard to believe it's a full 10 years now since Madonna's "Drowned World Tour"!

Saturday June 9th 2001 saw Madonna return to full-scale concert touring for the first time in a very long eight years. The tour came on the back of renewed success for her with the "Ray of Light" and "Music" albums and was the first of 3 world tours featuring Stuart Price in charge of the music.

Opening night was in the Spanish city of Barcelona at the Palau Sant Jordi venue and here from Monday evening June 11th 2001, is a BBC TV report on the show from their legendary entertainment news show at the time "Liquid News".

Following the report, GMTV critic Richard Arnold and the then editor of "Smash Hits" magazine Emma Jones discuss the concert with "Liquid News" anchor, the late Christopher Price.

(BBC, June 2001)