Madonna's Instrumentals: Rare Release!

Over the years, various Madonna singles have included instrumental versions as b-sides or bonus tracks. The majority of Madonna's songs though have never seen their official instrumentals issued to the public on record company releases.

One often overlooked official release however is something that surprised many fans when it was produced by Warner Music Vision in Asian countries many years ago. The home-video compilation "93:99 The Video Collection" was issued as a special "Karaoke Edition" which allowed viewers to watch all of the videos contained either with their original soundtrack or with official instrumentals as audio!

The majority of the songs on "93:99 The Video Collection" had previously never had instrumental versions released, so for example this "Karaoke Edition" was the first time fans heard the original album version instrumentals for "Ray of Light" & "Bad Girl"!

But everything was not as it first appeared (or sounded!). Some tracks on this video compilation were presented not with their matching album version instrumentals - but with unreleased instrumentals of official remix versions and even in some cases, instrumentals of mixes which themselves had previously never been heard!

Here's a **rough idea** of what we got on the video:

Bad Girl
(Album Version Instrumental)
(Instrumental of Daniel Abraham Video Mix / Edit One)
(Instrumental of Daniel Abraham Remix - Some Vocals Included)
(Album Version Instrumental)
Take A Bow
(Unknown Mix Instrumental)
Bedtime Story
(Album Version Instrumental)
Human Nature
(Album Version with Quieter Vocals)
Love Don't Live Here Anymore
(Instrumental of Remix)
(Instrumental of Stereo MC's Remix)
Ray Of Light
(Album Version Instrumental)
Drowned World
(Album Version Instrumental)
The Power Of Good-Bye
(Instrumental of Dallas Austin Remix)
Nothing Really Matters
(Album Version Instrumental)
Beautiful Stranger
(Album Version Instrumental)

And here's two tracks from the video - first up "Fever" which features a unique instrumental remix by Daniel Abraham. Not an exact instrumental of his full vocal Video Mix, but almost so!

Then one of the most unusual on the release - "Take a Bow". This starts off as the original album version but then quickly turns into an instrumental of an otherwise unreleased mix of the track. Babyface's backing vocals can be heard throughout!

(Warner Music Vision, 1999)