2001: Drowned World Fans Interviewed

The BBC TV documentary "There's Only One Madonna" from July 2001 followed a bunch of female Madonna fans from England as they travelled to the opening night of the Drowned World Tour in Barcelona, Spain.

On the morning of the day of broadcast, two of the girls featured in the documentary appeared live on BBC Breakfast to talk about Madonna with Sophie Raworth. Here's Caroline James & Amy Ashman ten years ago discussing the Drowned World tour!

(BBC, July 2001)

2009: Debi Mazar Talks Madonna!

She's a legend amongst Madonna fans - Debi Mazar has been at M's side since the very start. You'll see her name in the credits of many Madonna projects over the years (she even worked for her on the 1988 play Speed-The-Plow!) and she can be spotted as co-star in Madonna's classic videos for Papa Don't Preach, True Blue, Deeper & Deeper and Music!

Here in 2009 (when Debi participated in Dancing With The Stars), she is interviewed about her friendship with Madonna on the Wendy Williams Show. Debi even brought some never before seen personal photos of herself with Madonna, which are featured in the broadcast!

(Fox TV, October 2009)

2000: MTV "Fanatic" Interview - 2 Versions!

It's something any Madonna fan might dream of - the chance to interview her!!! Back in February 2000, MTV made that possible for one lucky fan from Arlington in Texas.

It was the fifth and final season of MTV's "Fanatic" a show which saw ordinary viewers given the chance to interview their idols - and as part of the US promotion for the movie "The Next Best Thing", Madonna & Rupert Everett took part, each giving interviews to one of their fans!

Madonna sat down in New York City with fan Miriam from Texas and talked about her new movie, its hit song "American Pie" and also answered some general questions about her career!

Interestingly, a seperate UK version was produced a year later in 2001 by broadcaster Channel 4 along with MTV-UK. By then there was no movie to promote and so the Rupert Everett interview was replaced by one with Macy Gray. Madonna's interview was re-cut, removing everything about "The Next Best Thing" & "American Pie" and making room for some previously unseen parts of the Madonna interview which were left out of the original US broadcast!

Here's both the original 2000 USA piece, followed beneath by the rare 2001 UK version!

(MTV, March 2000 / C4, August 2001)

1991: In Bed With Madonna UK Premiere

May 1991 saw Madonna promote her movie "Truth or Dare / In Bed With Madonna" at breakneck speed accross America and then in France at the Cannes Film Festival. It was not however until July of 1991 that UK audiences finally got their chance to see the film.

Wednesday July 17th 1991 saw a sprinkling of fairly minor celebrities gather at the Marble Arch Cinema at the top of Oxford Street in London, for the UK premiere of "In Bed With Madonna". In this rare TV report from Channel 4's breakfast show "The C4 Daily" Dannii Minogue, Amanda Donohoe, Cynthia Payne, Kim Appleby and others talk as they arrive for the screening!

(Channel 4, July 1991)

1998: Rare LIVE song on Spanish TV

This month ten years ago, Madonna was performing the Ray of Light ballad "Drowned World / Substitute For Love" on an almost nightly basis as the opening number on her 2001 Drowned World Tour. Prior to the 2001 tour, only one live version of this song had been performed in public!

Back in 1998, a second wave of promotion for Madonna's "Ray of Light" album kicked off towards the end of the year with a string of performances at awards shows and for TV specials in America and accross Europe. On November 17th 1998, she was special guest on Spanish TV show "Septimo De Caballeria" where Madonna was interviewed and performed both "The Power of Goodbye" & "Drowned World / Substitute For Love".

While many of her performances around this time had been lip-synched - on this show Madonna sang live for both songs, making this performance of "Drowned World" the only live rendition in existance before her world tour three years later!

(TVE, November 1998)

2001: Madonna Night on UK BBC TV

Further evidence of the level of Media attention given to Madonna's London Drowned World Tour concerts ten years ago, was the broadcast of an entire evening of Madonna-related programming on one of the BBC's TV channels at the time.

The "Mad On Madonna Night" on BBC Choice (now known as BBC Three) was presented live on Saturday evening July 7th 2001 from outside the Earls Court venue in London, where Madonna was inside performing the 3rd of her 6 UK Drowned World gigs.

Here's how the Madonna Night wrapped up - host Christopher Price talking to fans as they left the gig and then to BBC showbiz reporter Max Flint and former Smash Hits & Heat magazine editor Mark Frith.

An uncut clip of "Impressive Instant" from the July 4th London concert is then shown!

(BBC, July 2001)

2001: Sotheby's Madonna Auction

Exactly 10 years ago an aution of rare Madonna items in New York was making the news on BBC TV in England.

Tom Brook reports in July 2001 on Sotheby's auction of original Madonna costumes from tours and music videos, handwritten song lyrics, signed memorabilia and rare photographs!

(BBC, July 2001)

2001: Madonna's tour finally hits LONDON!

Wednesday July 4th 2001 saw Madonna's Drowned World Tour hit London for the first time and the UK's news channels gave massive coverage.

The BBC's main evening news reported on a Madonna concert for the first time since her UK concert debut in 1987 - this was a big deal! The rolling news channel BBC News-24 was in its infancy, but regular reports on the concert preparations and live interviews from outside the Earl's Court venue were shown all through the day.

Here's the live piece broadcast just before 7pm that evening with entertainment reporter David Sillitoe discussing the concert which was at that point, just minutes away from beginning.

Then just shortly before 9:30pm the channel received some pro-shot footage from the gig and promptly aired a clip of Madonna performing "Drowned World" from just an hour or so earlier inside Earl's Court Arena!

(BBC, July 2001)

2001: There's Only One Madonna!

Madonna mania returned to the UK in 2001 with avengence. The previous year Madonna had married British movie director Guy Ritchie and set up home in the English capital city of London so she was now officially a Brit. When her first full-scale concert tour in a massive eight years hit London in July 2001, the media went into Madonna overdrive.

On the night of her first London "Drowned World Tour" concert (Wednesday July 4th 2001), the main BBC1 TV channel aired a newly-made one-hour documentary in prime time entitled "There's Only One Madonna".

Featuring original contributions from the likes of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Mel C, William Orbit and a host of 2001 TV celebrities and using lots of archive footage, the show took a humorous look at Madonna's relationship with the UK throughout her career.

A group of Madonna fans (including the infamous Michelle Budd) were also featured. BBC cameras followed them to the opening night of the Drowned World Tour in Barcelona, Spain and their passion for Madonna over the years was discussed.

Here is the entire documentary from its one and only broadcast exactly 10 years ago!

(BBC, July 2001)