2000: MTV "Fanatic" Interview - 2 Versions!

It's something any Madonna fan might dream of - the chance to interview her!!! Back in February 2000, MTV made that possible for one lucky fan from Arlington in Texas.

It was the fifth and final season of MTV's "Fanatic" a show which saw ordinary viewers given the chance to interview their idols - and as part of the US promotion for the movie "The Next Best Thing", Madonna & Rupert Everett took part, each giving interviews to one of their fans!

Madonna sat down in New York City with fan Miriam from Texas and talked about her new movie, its hit song "American Pie" and also answered some general questions about her career!

Interestingly, a seperate UK version was produced a year later in 2001 by broadcaster Channel 4 along with MTV-UK. By then there was no movie to promote and so the Rupert Everett interview was replaced by one with Macy Gray. Madonna's interview was re-cut, removing everything about "The Next Best Thing" & "American Pie" and making room for some previously unseen parts of the Madonna interview which were left out of the original US broadcast!

Here's both the original 2000 USA piece, followed beneath by the rare 2001 UK version!

(MTV, March 2000 / C4, August 2001)