2001: Madonna Night on UK BBC TV

Further evidence of the level of Media attention given to Madonna's London Drowned World Tour concerts ten years ago, was the broadcast of an entire evening of Madonna-related programming on one of the BBC's TV channels at the time.

The "Mad On Madonna Night" on BBC Choice (now known as BBC Three) was presented live on Saturday evening July 7th 2001 from outside the Earls Court venue in London, where Madonna was inside performing the 3rd of her 6 UK Drowned World gigs.

Here's how the Madonna Night wrapped up - host Christopher Price talking to fans as they left the gig and then to BBC showbiz reporter Max Flint and former Smash Hits & Heat magazine editor Mark Frith.

An uncut clip of "Impressive Instant" from the July 4th London concert is then shown!

(BBC, July 2001)