2001: Madonna's tour finally hits LONDON!

Wednesday July 4th 2001 saw Madonna's Drowned World Tour hit London for the first time and the UK's news channels gave massive coverage.

The BBC's main evening news reported on a Madonna concert for the first time since her UK concert debut in 1987 - this was a big deal! The rolling news channel BBC News-24 was in its infancy, but regular reports on the concert preparations and live interviews from outside the Earl's Court venue were shown all through the day.

Here's the live piece broadcast just before 7pm that evening with entertainment reporter David Sillitoe discussing the concert which was at that point, just minutes away from beginning.

Then just shortly before 9:30pm the channel received some pro-shot footage from the gig and promptly aired a clip of Madonna performing "Drowned World" from just an hour or so earlier inside Earl's Court Arena!

(BBC, July 2001)