2001: HBO Drowned World Tour TV Special

It's ten years ago tonight since the last ever live TV broadcast of a full Madonna concert! Sunday August 26th 2001 saw her show at The Palace of Auburn Hills venue in Michigan on the Drowned World Tour broadcast live on HBO TV in the US, Premiere TV in Germany and elsewhere.

The following year this TV special was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award and eligible Emmy voters received a "For Your Consideration" promotional VHS tape of the broadcast. Featuring exclusive artwork based on the original advertising for the 2001 HBO special, this item quickly became a must-have collectable for Madonna fans.

With the official 2001 Warner Music Vision home-video release of the Drowned World Tour not containting the original TV version but instead a re-edited concert (complete with "movie effect" picture processing and alternate camera angles), the original "raw" TV broadcast contained on this HBO promotional tape is of unique interest.

Here from that HBO tape is "Lo Que Siente La Mujer" (Spanish language version of "What It Feels Like For A Girl") in full. On the tour, this number was based on the Mac Quayle remix of the song and Mac talks exclusively about how this remix came about and what he thought of the 2001 live version, to the amazing Peter Magennis of The Beats Within.

Head over to The Beats Within now to read more about this and to check out lots more fascinating articles!

(HBO, August 2001)

2006: Madonna Live in Horsens, Denmark

Thursday August 24th 2006 Madonna played the largest concert on her Confessions Tour at a giant field in Horsens, Denmark. It was her first ever gig in that country and fans came from all over to the small town hundreds of miles from Copenhagen.

Although visually most shows on the Confessions Tour were hard to distinguish between, at Horsens Madonna donned her fur-hooded coat when she sang "Drowned World" - only the 2nd time this happened on the entire tour.

Madonna-TV was there and now for the first time you can watch the full performance of "Drowned World", including Madonna's coat. ;)

(madonna-tv, August 2006)

2006: Madonna's Birthday Concert!

She's only ever done a concert on her birthday once! Back in 2006 on the Confessions Tour, an eighth and final UK show for August 16th at Wembley Arena in London was added long after the initial dates had sold out.

Madonna-TV was there to film exclusively as the concert audience sang "Happy Birthday" during a break in the show. Madonna thanked everyone and gave a little speech.

After the show, madonna-tv viewers were filmed giving their birthday wishes to Madonna! Watch out for an appearance by the legendary Pud Whacker amongst others.

(Madonna-TV, August 2006)

2000: Sky Showbiz Weekly Interview Special

When the movie "The Next Best Thing" came to the UK in the Summer of 2000, Madonna was over in London to attend the premiere and promote the film with some TV interviews.

Sky's Tim Muffet got an interview with her for their "Showbiz Weekly" programme and a full half-hour special which looked back through her career was shown.

Here it is in two parts!

(Sky One, June 2000)

2000: Happy Birthday Rocco!

Madonna gave birth to her 2nd child on August 11th 2000 - Rocco! Here's how UK's ITN reported on the news that evening.

(ITN, August 2000)

1998: VH-1 Fashion Awards Madonna Tribue

"Nothing Really Matters", Madonna's final single from "Ray of Light", got its release in early 1999 but during the VH-1 Fashion Awards in October the previous year, fans got a chance to hear part of the incredible Club 69 remix of the song for the first time!

As well as performing her then single "The Power Of Goodbye", Madonna appeared at the awards show in New York's Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday October 27th 1998 to accept a special "Gianni Versace Fashion Icon Award". Gianni's sister Donatella joined Sting to introduce an amazing video tribute to Madonna (which was set to the Club 69 Remix of "Nothing Really Matters"), before presenting Madonna with the award.

(VH-1, October 1998)

1988: Madonna & Sandra on Letterman!

By the mid 80s, TV appearances by Madonna were just as you might expect from a global megastar - few and far between! Throughout 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989 fans got very few chances to see their idol on the small screen.

1988 was the year Madonna took a break from music releases, spending most of Spring and Summer starring in a Broadway play "Speed-The-Plow". During that period she became very close to underground comedienne Sandra Bernhard and as the two hung out regularly, rumours were rife that their friendship was possibly something more than just friendship.

On Friday July 1st 1988, Sandra was guest on David Letterman's then NBC show "Late Night With David Letterman" appearing to talk about her one-woman show "Without You I'm Nothing". But during the afternoon taping an unscheduled appearance by Madonna would steal the show! TV audiences finally got to see this late Friday night and quickly this became one of the most legendary TV appearances from Madonna during the 1980s.

Then 22 years later in 2010, watch Sandra talk about how she met Madonna in 1988 and what happened their friendhip in the following years, to US talkshow host Wendy Williams!

(NBC, July 1988 / BET, Nov 2010

2001: Guitar Problems During London Gig!

This footage originally appeared on madonna-tv back in 2004 - Madonna on her Drowned World Tour performing "Candy Perfume Girl" on the fourth night of her 6 night sellout run at London's Earl's Court venue in 2001.

Filmed exclusively by madonna-tv on Monday July 9th 2001, watch Madonna as she has a problem with her electric guitar during the song! After a bit of help she expresses her feelings on the matter in typical 4-letter-word style!

(madonna-tv.com, July 2001)

1991: Australian TV Interview from Cannes

When Madonna went to Cannes in May 1991 to promote her movie "Truth or Dare / In Bed With Madonna" - as well as attending movie premieres and parties, one day was spent doing a "press junket" at the hotel where she was staying.

A handful of journalists and TV interviewers from around the world were granted access to speak with Madonna - amongst them Mike Munro from Australia's "60 Minutes". His lengthy interview is as interesting and entertaining as any that Madonna gave back then and their chat goes beyond simply discussing her movie.

(Channel 9 Australia, May 1991)