1988: Madonna & Sandra on Letterman!

By the mid 80s, TV appearances by Madonna were just as you might expect from a global megastar - few and far between! Throughout 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989 fans got very few chances to see their idol on the small screen.

1988 was the year Madonna took a break from music releases, spending most of Spring and Summer starring in a Broadway play "Speed-The-Plow". During that period she became very close to underground comedienne Sandra Bernhard and as the two hung out regularly, rumours were rife that their friendship was possibly something more than just friendship.

On Friday July 1st 1988, Sandra was guest on David Letterman's then NBC show "Late Night With David Letterman" appearing to talk about her one-woman show "Without You I'm Nothing". But during the afternoon taping an unscheduled appearance by Madonna would steal the show! TV audiences finally got to see this late Friday night and quickly this became one of the most legendary TV appearances from Madonna during the 1980s.

Then 22 years later in 2010, watch Sandra talk about how she met Madonna in 1988 and what happened their friendhip in the following years, to US talkshow host Wendy Williams!

(NBC, July 1988 / BET, Nov 2010