2001: HBO Drowned World Tour TV Special

It's ten years ago tonight since the last ever live TV broadcast of a full Madonna concert! Sunday August 26th 2001 saw her show at The Palace of Auburn Hills venue in Michigan on the Drowned World Tour broadcast live on HBO TV in the US, Premiere TV in Germany and elsewhere.

The following year this TV special was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award and eligible Emmy voters received a "For Your Consideration" promotional VHS tape of the broadcast. Featuring exclusive artwork based on the original advertising for the 2001 HBO special, this item quickly became a must-have collectable for Madonna fans.

With the official 2001 Warner Music Vision home-video release of the Drowned World Tour not containting the original TV version but instead a re-edited concert (complete with "movie effect" picture processing and alternate camera angles), the original "raw" TV broadcast contained on this HBO promotional tape is of unique interest.

Here from that HBO tape is "Lo Que Siente La Mujer" (Spanish language version of "What It Feels Like For A Girl") in full. On the tour, this number was based on the Mac Quayle remix of the song and Mac talks exclusively about how this remix came about and what he thought of the 2001 live version, to the amazing Peter Magennis of The Beats Within.

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(HBO, August 2001)