1991: UK 'Smash Hits' Awards Messages

It was a Halloween theme for the 1991 "Smash Hits" awards in London on Sunday October 27th of that year.

"Smash Hits" magazine was for a couple of decades the most important part of the pop music media in the UK. Their annual awards were voted for by readers and by the early 90s they ended up with a live awards show on BBC TV for the award announcements.

Madonna sent a taped message from what looked to be her LA home, as acceptance for both "Most Fanciable Female" and "Best Female" awards this year. Vanilla Ice joined her for one of these!

(BBC1, October 1991)

1993: ET Catches Up with Oliver Crumes

He was the Blond Ambition dancer rumoured to have been "more than friends" with Madonna during the 1990 tour. Oliver Crumes also featured prominently in 1991's "Truth or Dare", but by 1992 he was part of a lawsuit against Madonna over that documentary movie!

In late 1993, Entertainment Tonight caught up with Oliver for this feature - he claims that Madonna actually offered him a job as a dancer on the Girlie Show tour which he turned down...

(ET, November 1993)

1993: Is Madonna's Career Over?!

Seems as strange now as it did at the time - but back in 1993 much of the media were discussing the end of Madonna's career!

The USA leg of her Girlie Show tour opened at Madison Square Garden, New York City on Thursday October 14th 1993 and the following night CNN reported on this as part of an indepth analysis by Mark Shearer of Madonna's possible demise.

Journalists from US magazine, Spin, the New York Daily News as well as "All About Madonna" cable show host Laurie Pike & the author of "I Dream of Madonna" book were interviewed about this matter!

Watch for an extra clip from the Girlie Show concert at the end, which played during the closing titles of the programme!

(CNN, October 1993)

1990: Blond Ambition Wembley Report

Another news report on the opening night of the UK leg of the Madonna's Blond Ambition tour!

This one's a rarely seen report from main British network breakfast TV, shown just a few hours after the concert on Friday July 20th 1990 had ended at Wembley Stadium in London!

(TV-AM, July 1990)

1986: Rare Madonna Photo!

This guy Frank Martin spent years getting his picture taken with the stars. Everyone who's anyone, he seems to have caught up with - including one super-rare photo of himself with Madonna in 1986.

It was Saturday night, September 20th 1986 and Madonna was making one of her very rare appearances that year - at the 2nd Annual AIDS Project Los Angeles Commitment To Life event.

Somehow or other Frank ended up right next to her and got his elusive Madonna photo! Entertainment Tonight did a feature on Frank and his star photos back in 1993.

(Sky TV, 1993)

1992: "Truth or Dare" Dancers Sue Madonna

They appeared alongside Madonna at the "Truth or Dare" movie premiere in May 1991, but just over 6 months later in January 1992 things had turned sour.

Blond Ambition tour dancers Kevin Stea, Gabriel Trupin & Oliver Crumes filed a lawsuit against Madonna in early '92 concerning their appearance in "Truth or Dare".

Entertainment Tonight interviewed the dancers and their lawyer about what happened and how they felt about Madonna and her movie.

(Sky TV, January 1992)