1992: "Truth or Dare" Dancers Sue Madonna

They appeared alongside Madonna at the "Truth or Dare" movie premiere in May 1991, but just over 6 months later in January 1992 things had turned sour.

Blond Ambition tour dancers Kevin Stea, Gabriel Trupin & Oliver Crumes filed a lawsuit against Madonna in early '92 concerning their appearance in "Truth or Dare".

Entertainment Tonight interviewed the dancers and their lawyer about what happened and how they felt about Madonna and her movie.

(Sky TV, January 1992)


  1. I never thought Gabriel was all that handsome, but here in this clip, his good looks really shine through.

    Slam and Oliver never came off to me as being all that honest, but Kevin always felt like an upstanding guy - so I believe him when he talks about the TOD situation here.

    Basically, the guys wanted money, fair enough. But this was a documentary. No one expects the sound guy who's in it, or the makeup assistant, etc. to get money. That's not the way documentaries work.

  2. Love this. The "Blond Ambition Tour" dancers are the best ones she's ever had. Loved Gabriel and agree, and did think he was outstandingly handsome, myself, and I agree I love Kevin Stea too, and he always comes across as a really sensitive, reasonable, no-nonsense, type of guy, and he was and still is one of my faves on that tour.

    I remember being really shocked and sad when I found out years ago about Gabriel, and still am.

    Thanks so much for sharing : )

  3. * The first "agree" in my previous comment, wasn't meant to be there. Sorry