1993: Cancelled Girlie Show TV Broadcast

It was July 19th 1993 (a full two months before her Girlie Show Tour even started) that Madonna formally agreed to allow HBO to broadcast one of the concerts on the tour! After months of speculation and rumours then, CNN reported that the final decision to broadcast Madonna's Girlie Show tour from Australia and not Mexico, was influenced by Madonna's personal liking for the event being billed as "Madonna Down Under"! (In fact when Warner Music Vision issued the concert on home video in 1994, they used this for the title of their product.)

The Girlie Show live from Australia followed on from live TV broadcasts of the Blond Ambition tour in 1990 and the Who's That Girl tour in 1987 and this time, as well as HBO TV broadcasts in North and South America, a world exclusive LIVE airing of the concert from Sydney was planned by German TV channel "Premiere".

Due to the time difference between Europe and Australia, the special broadcast of Madonna's concert at the Sydney Cricket Ground on the evening of Saturday November 20th 1993 was set to happen in Germany that morning starting at 10:25am!

Sadly when fans sat down to watch in Germany, they were greeted with a message that the TV event was not happening! This was due to the concert in Australia having been cancelled because of heavy rain - and while nothing was aired that day, the previous night's show from Friday November 19th (which had luckily been filmed as a test run) was hastily shown on Sunday November 21st in the evening and later used for the official home video release.

Watch now, the original German TV trailer for the live broadcast which never happened and then re-live what was shown and said the morning of the concert special.

Next, head over to The Beats Within blog for a great interview with the Cinematographer of the "Live Down Under" production Toby Philips for an insight into everything surrounding the ill fated Australian concert and the filming of the previous night's show which ended up being used.

(Premiere, November 1993)