1993: Girlie Show TV / DVD Differences

Madonna's 1993 Girlie Show tour got its Home Video release in 1994 on VHS & Laserdisc and in later years a DVD also went to stores. The concert on Friday November 19th 1993 at Sydney Cricket Ground in Australia featured - and although this show had already been broadcast on TV in various countries in 1993, as you might have expected some changes were made for the official Home Video release. (Read more about the drama surrounding that 1993 TV broadcast at the superb blog The Beats Within!)

As well as remastering the concert audio, Warner Music Vision re-assembled the concert video using the original multi-camera footage to produce a more polished edit for their release. Many different camera angle shots were included which had not been seen in the TV broadcast.

One other notable difference was a change to the circus music used at the start and end of the concert known as the "Girlie Show Theme". On the tour, a piece of music was used which for one reason or another (most likely a copyright issue) did not make the official video release. A new piece of music appears on the official release of this tour which was never heard at the concerts themselves!

So here you can see from the UK TV broadcast of the concert on Monday December 27th 1993, the opening and closing of the show as it actually happened, with that original circus music which audiences heard on each night of the tour.

Also below is a side-by-side comparison video giving an idea of how the final Warner Girlie Show release differed from the 1993 TV broadcast (using a segment from the final number in the show "Everybody").

(Sky TV, December 1993 / WMV, April 1994)