1992: Madonna Teases "Queen's English"

Fans had a long wait for new Madonna music after "Rescue Me" and "Justify My Love" came in late 1990. Aside from the "Rescue Me" remixes at the start of 1991, things went completely quiet on the music front right through that year and well into 1992.

There was a bit of excitement then when news arrived in March 1992 of a "new Madonna track"! Receiving its world premiere at a Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in Milan, "Queen's English" was part of a soundtrack put together by Madonna for the catwalk show of the Italian designers.

MTV-News in Europe heralded a "New Madonna Single", which although featured Madonna on accompanying vocals, was actually a track by José Gutierrez & Luis Camacho, the Blond Ambition tour dancers who had choreographed Madonna's "Vogue" video, appeared alongside her in the 1990 Rock The Vote TV spot and featured heavily in promotion for the "Truth or Dare" movie in 1991.

While we got to hear snippets of this exciting new piece of Madonna music via TV reports of the fashion show, a wait of well over a year was in order for people to get their hands on the full thing! The duo ended up getting signed to Sire Records who in the 2nd half of 1993 included "Queen's English" on a compilation album entitled "New Faces" (which also featured tracks from a variety of its newly signed acts).

The song became a USA single shortly after, and came with a set of remixes by Junior Vasquez - who also produced the original track (Junior had previously helped out on remixes of Madonna songs alongside Shep Pettibone and in later years himself became a regular remixer of her singles).

Here's the MTV-News item on the song's fashion show premiere, followed by a small piece from Canada's "Fashion TV" show.

(MTV / Sky March 1992)