1992: "Shadows & Fog" Movie Promotion

Through the 90s, Madonna showed up in more movies than most people care to remember. As well as playing the lead in a number which became very well known, she also played minor roles in quite a few films by some famous directors.

One of these was Woody Allen's "Shadows And Fog". Shot in 1991, Madonna played Marie, a tightrope artist alongside an all-star cast which included Mia Farrow, John Malkovich, John Cusack, Jodie Foster and Kathy Bates!

The film had a limited US opening in December 1991 followed by a nationwide rollout in March 1992. It received very little promotion on TV, however here is a rarely seen piece from "CNN Showbiz Today" in March 1992 - an interview with John Cusack about his role in the movie.

(CNN, March 1992)