1987: Madonna's First USA Stadium Concert

After a couple of weeks in Japan, Madonna's 1987 "Who's That Girl" World Tour had its USA opening in Miami on Saturday June 27th of that year. Madonna-tv viewer Jose (aka AvoidTheCliche) had a 3rd row seat at this historic concert and shared this great MTV News report about the gig.

Here's what he remembers of that day 25 years ago!

"I was only 12 at the time, I went with my best friend who is also a huge Madonna fan like we all were and I guess as kids we were easily impressionable, so I have had this conversation with my friend though the years and we remember all the events from before and after the show but we can only remember bits and pieces of the actual show. It was sensory overload for our young minds to grasp that we were so close to Madonna herself.

I got to my friends house at around noon time and the sky was already turning black. By the time we left to go to the Stadium around 5:00pm there was a complete torrential downpour. On 3 of the pop stations all they were playing was Madonna music. Y100 radio had exclusive backstage access and though they didn’t get Madonna they interviewed Mark Goodman from MTV, the little kid dancer Chris and some of the other dancers - and they were repeating that the show will go on despite the rain (which was music to our ears).

We got to the Orange Bowl at around 6:30 pm, bought the 3 posters, tour book and 2 shirts. We proceeded to our seats and when we got inside the actual stadium and took a glance at the stage and how huge the stadium was we were in complete awe. When we found our seats it hit us that we were in disbelief how close we were.

It began to pour rain again and most people actually stayed in their seats getting soaked (us included) we were not moving from our seats. An announcement was made that Level 42 could not play because of the rain, so again we started to get worried. From what I remember the crowd was mixed with adults, but mostly kids. There were also lots of banners saying Madonna we love you etc, Y100 radio had a banner contest and they were urging people to make them and well they did (we didn’t).

It stopped raining again around 8:00pm so they started to get the stage ready and there were tons of people on that stage drying up the flood and the stadium really started to fill up as you can see from the MTV report. FINALLY around 9:50 or 9:55 the lights went out. The roar of the crowd was insane you couldn’t hear the music for a sec when OYH began and then there she was! I swear she looked at us from time to time but then again everyone else also thought the same thing. It was a HOT and steamy summer evening in Miami you can see the steam rising from the crowd.

It‘s amazing that even a couple of years after Madonna hit it big she was already an Icon. The only female performer to ever play a stadium tour in the US and as you know she played lots of stadiums again during her S&S tour which included a stadium date in Miami at a different venue the Orange Bowl was torn down 2 years ago.

I remember the show in patches but all I can say is 2 hrs went by in 2 minutes too fast and I had never experienced such joy at that point in my life. The first song they played when the lights went on was "Holding back the Years" by Simply Red, It was a somber song to play after such an amazing experience but it made me also sad hearing that very song to realize the big day was over. To this day I hear that song and I think about Madonna. "

(MTV, June 1987)