2012: Madonna "forgives" Elton!

During her final European concert of the MDNA tour, Madonna made her first public comment about Elton John since his controversial remarks about her in an Australian TV interview this Summer.

Madonna dedicated her award-winning song "Masterpiece" to Elton at her sold-out show in Nice, France on Tuesday August 21st 2012, remarking that Elton (a resident of Nice) was a fan of the song!

Earlier this year Elton publicly criticised "Masterpiece" when his own song lost out to it at the Golden Globes in Hollywood.

Here's Madonna-TV's very own exclusive footage from Nice!

(Madonna-TV, August 2012)


  1. Hey there!

    I wasn't sure if you knew that tonight TMZ.com has linked this video on their site(with credit to you):

    Thanks for all that you do!

  2. Thanks for filming this! I am glad to see her showing peace/forgiveness towards him even if he is hating on her. Shows she is the better person. Great performance too!

  3. I just saw this video on EXTRA in the US! They talked about the feud between Madonna and Elton and showed clips of this video, there was your logo on it.

  4. Wow!!!!

    Thanks for letting me know. :-)