2012: MDNA Sound-check in Scotland!

One feature of the 2012 MDNA Tour in Europe which amazed and also surprised many fans was the regular occurrence of a sound-check rehearsal taking place while the audience was present!

At most all of the stadium shows throughout Europe Madonna performed part of her show late afternoon to those early enough or lucky enough to have gained entry to the venue.

Of these sound-check performances, one of the more memorable happened at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium on the afternoon of Saturday July 21st.

For more than one hour, Madonna performed many songs from the show while thousands of fans were already inside watching. The actual Edinburgh concert later that evening became unique with two songs being dropped from the setlist - many speculated that the lengthy rehearsal performance for fans earlier (which included one of the missing songs) was intended to make up for this in some way.

Here's Madonna-TV's very own footage of the final number from the MDNA show - "Celebration". Performed in full during the Edinburgh sound-check!

(Madonna-TV, July 2012)