2012: Mike Morris - Rest In Peace

It was announced today that former TV-am presenter Mike Morris died at the weekend on Sunday October 21st aged 65.

Mike Morris was a familiar face on British TV screens in the 1980s as a presenter on breakfast show "Good Morning Britain".

Although he never interviewed Madonna, he hosted many discussions relating to her career and here from Friday July 20th 1990 is Mike's live interview with Donna DeLory in London. 

The interview took place at TV-am studios on the morning of Madonna's first UK Blond Ambition concert.

(TV-am, July 1990

1992: "Sex" on US TV News

The media went wild for Madonna's "Sex" book when it was released on Wednesday October 21st 1992.

Here's how America's "Entertainment Tonight" and then "CNN Showbiz Today" opened their shows that evening 20 years ago!

(ET / CNN, October 1992

1992: Sex on Sale in London

Wednesday 21st October 1992 saw the worldwide release of Madonna's long-awaited and much talked about photo book "Sex".

Here's how the UK's main breakfast TV news reported things early on that morning 20 years ago!

(ET, October 1992

1992: Madonna Day Minus One

Today 20 years ago was the eve of the release of Madonna's "Sex" book!

Here's America's top-rated "Entertainment Tonight" from the evening of Tuesday October 20th 1992 on the imminent publication of this most controversial of books

(ET, October 1992

1992: Official Launch of 'Sex' Book

Just a few days before the release of her book "Sex", Madonna attended the official launch party in New York.

It was the evening of Thursday October 15th 1992 and among the stars in attendance were Spike Lee, Rosie O'Donnell, Grace Jones, Naomi Campbell, Willem Dafoe, Amanda Donahoe, Udo Kier, David Lee Roth, Billy Idol & Vanilla Ice.

Here's two reports - one from CNN and the other from Entertainment Tonight!

(CNN / ET, October 1992

1992: Madonna's Milan Visit

Here's some very rare Italian TV news reports about Madonna's visit to Milan at the start of October 1992.

She was in Italy to promote her book "Sex" and album "Erotica".

While there, she attended the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show as well as a party thrown by them in her honour.

(TG4, October 1992

1992: Elton on Madonna

Even 20 years ago Elton John had something to say about Madonna.

He pops up at the end of this report from October 1992 on Entertainment Tonight giving his opinion on Madonna just days before the worldwide release of her "Sex" book.

(ET, October 1992

1992: CNN on Gaultier Show Appearance

Here's another report about Madonna's controversial appearnce on Thursday September 24th 1992 at Jean Paul Gaultier's Los Angeles fashion show to raise funds for AIDS charity AmFAR.

CNN covered the story the following evening on their "Showbiz Today" programme!

(CNN, September 1992

1992: The Selling of Madonna

CNN's Showbiz Today took a look at Madonna and the advance publicity surrounding the release of "Sex" and "Erotica" in early October 1992.

(CNN, October 1992

1992: Madonna on 'Vanity Fair' Cover

Madonna's fourth time as cover girl of USA's Vanity Fair magazine came in October 1992 just as her "Sex" book and "Eroitica" album were hitting stores.

Top-rated showbiz programme "Entertainment Tonight" was first to show the world the magazine photo spread by Steven Meisel and in this report they also talked to Maureen Orth who interviewed Madonna in-depth for the Vanity Fair issue.

(ET, September 1992

1992: Madonna Bares All on Catwalk

Promotion for "Erotica" and "Sex" really took off the evening of Thursday September 24th 1992!

At Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium, Jean-Paul Gaultier staged his first ever catwalk show in the US as a fundraising event for AmFAR - The American Foundation For AIDS Research.

The evening climaxed with an appearance on the catwalk by Madonna - who revealed her bare breasts to a stunned audience (and shortly afterwards the world's TV screens and newspapers)!

UK TV's "This Morning with Richard & Judy" showed this in-depth report on the evening, which includes interviews with Gaultier and Herb Ritts alongside many celebrities who were also there.

(ITV, September 1992

1992: 'Sex' Banned by UK's Tesco

A look back at how Britain's Sky News reported in September 1992 on the upcoming release of Madonna's "Sex" book, including claims of a sales ban by supermarket chains Tesco & Asda.

Magazine columnist Karen Krizanowich discussed the book in the studio following the news report.

(Sky News, September 1992

1992: Madonna's Media Blitz

By 1992 Madonna was an expert at creating what was known as a "media blitz" - the carefully timed simultaneous release of multiple projects to gain maximum exposure in the worldwide media.

All of a sudden Madonna would be on the cover of major magazines, making appearances on the top-rated TV shows and having new music and videos played on MTV and radio. She would basically be everywhere - no escape possible!

Here's a report from America's "Entertainment Tonight" from October 1992 about what was about to be Madonna's biggest such "media blitz" to date. The release of her latest CD "Erotica" alongside publication of the "Sex" book would result in a complete media takeover.

(ET, October 1992

2012: Happy Birthday 'Everybody'

Today 30 years ago saw the release of Madonna's very first single "Everybody". The debut single of a completely unknown Madonna hit USA record stores on October 6th 1982.

To mark this anniversary Madonna-TV brings you another World Exclusive - a previously unseen video of "Everybody" being performed by Madonna in London back in 2005.

As part of promotion for her "Confessions On A Dance Floor" album, Madonna played a live set at legendary London club night "G-A-Y" on the evening of Saturday November 19th 2005 (the show actually started in the early hours of Sunday morning, November 20th).

Less than 2,000 people watched this most intimate of mini-concerts at G-A-Y's then home, the Astoria Theatre in central London and Madonna-TV was there to record everything! No official video was made of the gig and so here for the very first time you can watch that 1982 hit "Everybody" as it was performed in 2005.

(Madonna-TV, October 2012)

1992: In Milan promoting 'Sex' & 'Erotica'

In advance of the publication of her "Sex" book Madonna took the decision to do all her TV promotion in Europe instead of America for the first time.

Travelling first to Italy at the start of October, she went on to Germany, France and England to conduct a series of TV, Radio and Print interviews.

Here's a great MTV-News report on her trip to Milan, which includes an exclusive interview filmed at a party thrown in her honour by Dolce & Gabbana!

(MTV, October 1992)

1992: Erotica Video Banned

20 Years Ago Madonna was all over the world's media about to unleash her most controversial work to date - the "Sex" Book.

Over the next short while, Madonna-TV will be bringing you some rarely seen TV reports from that memorable era.

Here, CNN talks about the "Erotica" music video.

(CNN, September 1992