2000: "Naked Ambition" UK TV Documentary

It's been a long time since an original high quality Madonna documentary was made for TV. One of the very last to have been produced by a UK channel was this one back in the year 2000.

Network TV's Channel Four devoted an entire Saturday night's programming to Madonna back then and "Naked Ambition" was part of the evening's schedules. Narrated by Kathy Burke, it took an in-depth look at Madonna's rise to fame in the late 70s and early 80s.

First broadcast on Saturday December 9th 2000, there were no former Big Brother housemates or out-of-work comedians popping up to give their two cents on Madonna. Instead this insightful documentary included all-new interviews with people who actually had something useful to say.

Stephen Bray, Mark Kamins, Maripol, Camille Barbone, and Freddy DeMann were among those who featured.

(Channel Four, December 2000)