2012: MDNA Córdoba: The Day The Music Died.

The final night of a tour can often be something quite special. It's traditional for jokes to get played by crew members and tearful thank-you speeches to be made. When the show is definitely not being broadcast anywhere or filmed for future release then there's even more potential for some unusual things to happen on the night.

So the last show on Madonna's top-grossing 2012 MDNA World Tour was always going to be an interesting gig. Originally the finale was to have happened somewhere in Australia in early 2013, but a couple of months into the tour the entire Australian leg was cancelled. Suddenly the final scheduled gig was happening elsewhere - a city Madonna had never visited before and one which few major international artists ever included on their tours.

Córdoba in the North of Argentina is the country's second city and the beautiful Mario Alberto Kempes stadium a few miles outside of the city centre was the venue for Madonna to perform her MDNA concert for the very last time.

The world was supposed to have ended on Friday December 21st 2012, but Saturday 22nd came nonetheless and under a blue sky and with temperatures reaching 40°C fans made it to the stadium that day - just 3 days before Christmas.

Would there be any surprises? Well how about one of the biggest surprises ever at Madonna show - a power failure!

Approximately 45 minutes into the concert, the electricity supply failed. As Madonna was performing "Open Your Heart" the music suddenly stopped, all video screens went black, all of the production lighting went off, the entire sound system stopped working! Thankfully venue lighting belonging to the stadium illuminated the stage but the show was ground to a complete and abrupt halt.

Ever the professional, Madonna didn't just leave the stage when this happened - instead she spent more than 10 minutes without any electrical power and presumably not sure what was going to happen next, trying her best to entertain the crowd. In a massive stadium with over 40,000 people watching from a distance, this was almost impossible.

Officials were unable to tell the crowd anything about what had happened or what might happen next (if indeed anyone knew) and so the waiting game began for the audience. As the minutes ticked by without any sign of the electricity returning many wondered if that was it for the night. Had we seen the end of the MDNA Tour perhaps?

Much to everyone's relief, the power eventually came on again and at almost one hour after the show had come to an abrupt end, it started again.

Madonna continued into the small hours of the morning (finishing up well after 2am) and then that really was it. That was the end of the MDNA Tour and what an end! In almost 30 years of concert touring it is safe to say nothing so unusual had ever happened at a Madonna gig.

Madonna-TV was there to capture everything and "MDNA Cordoba - The Whole Story" is an attempt to show you what happened on Saturday 22nd December 2012 at Madonna's final MDNA concert!

(Madonna-TV, February 2013)

2012: MDNA EXCLUSIVE Coming Soon...

Whether you were at Madonna's very last MDNA show in Córdoba, Argentina or sitting at home wishing you were, you won't want to miss Madonna-TV's special on this most memorable of days.

Featuring all-new exclusive footage from that Saturday - taken throughout the day and night - and covering the dramatic power failure which happened mid-way through the show.

Watch for this very soon right here on Madonna-TV.

(Madonna-TV, December 2012)

1993: Madonna at Michael Jackson Concert in Mexico!

Not a widely known fact - but it seems that when Madonna was in Mexico City back in November 1993 on her Girlie Show tour, she took time out on her one night off to go see Michael Jackson in concert on his Dangerous Tour!

Madonna's concerts in Mexico took place on November 10th, 12th and 13th and this pro-shot footage from the Michael Jackson concert on 11th November appears to show Madonna in the audience in front of the sound desk in the stadium!

(Nocturne Productions, November 1993

1987: "Who's That Girl?" UK TV Review

A very young Tony Parsons (along with an unknown American) reviews Madonna's movie "Who's That Girl?" on UK Channel 4 TV show "ReVid" back in 1987!

(C4, September 1987

2012: 'Love Spent' Live in Córdoba

Album track "Love Spent" was not originally part of Madonna's MDNA concert. It wasn't until the tour reached Chicago in September 2012 that the track was added to the setlist. Its premiere came on Thursday September 20th 2012 in 'the windy city' and the song remained a highlight of the show for most of the remaining concerts on the tour.

Here's the final time it was performed. A very hot Saturday evening in northern Argentina at the beautiful Mario Alberto Kempes stadium in the city of Córdoba saw the finale of the MDNA tour.

A late start and a power outage meant it wasn't actually until 1:30am on Sunday morning December 23rd 2012 that Madonna delivered this powerfully emotional "Love Spent". Madonna-TV was there to capture everything!

If you watch anything today make sure you watch this!

(Madonna-TV, December 2012)

2012: Fans asked for Cash at NY show!

Just two weeks after Hurricane Sandy hit New York City causing widespread damage, Madonna's MDNA tour played the city's Madison Square Garden venue.

During "Like a Virgin" at these shows Madonna invited audience members close to the stage to donate to the hurricane relief effort by throwing money onto the stage.

At the 2nd MSG show on Tuesday November 13th 2012 Madonna was in a particularly playful mood and made great efforts to encourage fans to donate as much as possible. This resulted in some of the most entertaining dialogue ever seen from Madonna at one of her shows.

Not to be missed!!!!

(Madonna-TV, November 2012)