1993: Madonna at Michael Jackson Concert in Mexico!

Not a widely known fact - but it seems that when Madonna was in Mexico City back in November 1993 on her Girlie Show tour, she took time out on her one night off to go see Michael Jackson in concert on his Dangerous Tour!

Madonna's concerts in Mexico took place on November 10th, 12th and 13th and this pro-shot footage from the Michael Jackson concert on 11th November appears to show Madonna in the audience in front of the sound desk in the stadium!

(Nocturne Productions, November 1993

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  1. that is totally truth , that happened because MJ was sick, he had a toothache and he´d stayed more time in Mexico so in the same week was MJ and Madonna were performing their tours in Mexico, some said MJ wasn´t sick and he took time because of the scandal child abuse that later came out. I was so very lucky because i saw MJ Nov, 9th and a day after Nov 10th Madonna .... The King and Queen of pop were at the same week in Mexico