2012: Dublin & Edinburgh MDNA Tour Performances

While we're still waiting for the DVD - here's a couple more MDNA Tour performances filmed by Madonna-TV.

First up "Girl Gone Wild" at Dublin, Ireland in the pouring rain - and then "Give Me All Your Luvin'" from Edinburgh, Scotland (a few days earlier).

(Madonna-TV, July 2012)

2012: "Like A Prayer" at Chile's National Stadium

The stunning "Like A Prayer" performance on Madonna's 2012 MDNA Tour was the penultimate number of that magnicifent show.

A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this version of that worldwide hit was considered by many to be the best of her entire career.

Here it is in full, from the pro-shot venue-screen footage, as performed at the penultimate night of the tour - Wednesday December 19th in the beautiful city of Santiago, capital of Chile - at the National Stadium!

(Madonna-TV, December 2012)

1998: 'Ray of Light' Album Official EPK Interview

15 years after the release of Madonna's "Ray of Light" album, we take a look at the official record company promotional interview which accompanied the album.

Madonna talked in detail about the album for this "Electronic Press Kit" which was distributed to media outlets as part of the album's promotion.

The full EPK can also be found on a rare promotional VHS tape which came in a unique picture box!

(Warner Music, February 1998